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    It's Here! The PlayStation 3 Arrives

    November 3, 2006 - (Last Updated: November 3, 5:24pm)

    We'll be getting our in-office PlayStation 3s today and we're going to talk about it every step of the way. As the day progresses, be sure to drop by to this page often to find all the latest updates regarding what's new, what's hot, and what the PlayStation 3 will offer when it arrives on November 17.

    :: News::
    More PS3 Titles Require Firmware Update
    (11.03.06 | 5:24pm) -- A couple first-party titles and a racer now included on the update list.

    Dark Kingdom Uses PS Network
    (11.03.06 | 4:26pm) -- It may use Xfire, but not exclusively.

    Version 1.02 Update
    (11.03.06 | 4:06pm) -- What's in the new firmware?

    Madden 07 Requires Update
    (11.03.06 | 3:16pm) -- The PlayStation 3 is almost in our hands, and as soon as we get it, you'll know everything.

    PlayStation 3 Test Units Stripped Down
    (11.03.06 | 2:59pm) -- Full media and connectivity functions not included.

    PS3 Plug-in Compatibility: What Works
    (11.03.06 | 2:45pm) -- We try out the EyeToy, PSP, Memory Stick and even a few Xbox 360 devices.

    PS3 Test Kit Packaging
    (11.03.06 | 1:37pm) -- We rip through the packaging and uncover the goods.

    SIXAXIS on a PC
    (11.03.06 | 12:32pm) -- We attempt to play Minesweeper with the SIXAXIS.

    PS3 Game Packaging Shots
    (11.03.06 | 10:58am) -- First images of PlayStation 3 game cases, including shots next to PS2 and PSP cases for size comparison.

    :: Features ::
    Retail XMB Tour HD Video Preview
    (11.02.06 | 06:56pm) -- An exclusive look at the photo mode and the first few menu options.

    :: Previews ::
    MotorStorm Hands-on
    (11.03.06 | 09:01am) -- IGN gets its hands dirty with the finished Japanese version of PS3's hottest racer.

    :: Media ::
    Coming Soon

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Below are a few Wal-Mart PS3 ad pics HEHE...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PS3_Ad1.jpg   PS3_Ad2.jpg  

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    Nice..hehe..but looks like somebody took a shot at the page at the word day..hehe..

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