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Thread: Invalid system when replacing the hdd

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    lcorreia Guest

    Unhappy Invalid system when replacing the hdd


    I replace my 40gb hdd with a samsung 250 gb. After installing the hdd when I turn on the ps3 instead the screen with the option to format the hdd I get a message to plugin the sixaxis remote and press PS.

    then I get the message that the ps3 dont recognise the system and that I have to supply the 2.30 version of the firmware to reinstall the system!!!

    I have the 2.30 version of the firmware...

    anyone with similar problem?

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    raze88 Guest
    Just bought my PS3 yesterday and installed a new HDD before i started the PS3 for the first time.

    You need to download the 2.30 firmware, load it on an USB-Stick under "PS3>UPDATE" and then plug it in.
    Now follow the instructions on the screen and have fun.

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