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    To install linux without keyboard

    Is it possible to install linux without keyboard or mouse usb?

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    No it is not... unfortunatly you will have to use a USB or PS2 keyboard (with adapter) to install Linux on your PS3.

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    Mar 2008
    its not much to pick up a wireless keyboard and mouse, paid $30 for mine

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    Mar 2008
    How about a bluetooth mouse or keyboard?

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    I have a bluetooth mouse but it doesn't seem to work with it, the mouse won't even connect. i'm not sure if it's my model or what, but i have heard of others working for them. look for someone on the forums who has tried it before buying them.

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    no it not possibile, you can only reach the setup without a keyboard using yellowdog kboot that autolaunch your linux installation.

    although it is useless linux without a keyboard or a mouse because you can do nothing with the OS.... however they are really cheap to buy.

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