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    Insomniac: Resistance 2 Patch is Coming for PlayStation 3

    Insomniac has confirmed that it is working on releasing a patch for Resistance 2 very shortly.

    Although they didn't post any specific details, it was more of a general note to address the fans and make it clear that they are listening to complaints.

    To quote: After weeks of no comments from Insomniac we have finally gotten an Official announcement on the MyResistance.net boards that Insomniac is indeed working on releasing a patch "very shortly."

    Only problem is this announcement was to address the fans and make note that Insomniac is listening to our complaints and contains no further info.

    In reply to a members comment, Bryan (IG employee) noted that the technical flaws are very well known and are being addressed, but rather or not those fixes will appear in the coming patch are still up in the air.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    nukester Guest
    hopefully we get more levels or DLC

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    racer0018 Guest
    yes i agree.. more levels would be great.

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