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    PS3 Square Button Insomniac Leader Defends the PS3's Crown

    [IMGW][/IMGW]Talk about stirring the pot. Insomniac's chief creative officer BrianHastings has come up with 10 reasons why thePlayStation 3, in his opinion, will win this generation's console war. His ten reasons, in order,were: Home & LittleBigPlanet; Free Online; 50 GB Games;Casino Royale; HDMI; Standard HDD; The Wii Fad Will Fade; PS3Has a Major CPU Advantage; PS2 still outselling 360; and Something ForEveryone.

    His most controversial comments are regarding the future of Wii:
    "I like Nintendo a lot. I think Nintendo has innovatedfar more than any other company in the industry. And I think the Wiiis really, really fun. But... let me relate to you a story that maysound familiar:

    Your friend Reggie invites you over for a WiiParty. It's awesome. You and your friends partake in whateverbeverages are legally appropriate for your age group. The next dayeveryone who went to the party rushes out and buys a Wii.

    A weeklater Reggie hosts another Wii Party. This time only half the groupcomes. It's still fun, but there isn't quite as much shoving to get atthe Wiimote.

    The next week Reggie hosts another Wii Party. You tellhim you have bird flu."

    Not all of Hasting's comments pertain solely to critiquing on thecompetition, as he talks about why free online play isimportant:
    "...Sony is steadily narrowing the gap in onlinefeatures. With improvements to the messaging system and support forbackground downloading, Sony is rapidly catching up with many of thekey advantages that Live has enjoyed."

    And then, he discusseswhy Blu-Ray is needed for this generation:
    "There's noquestion that you can always cut more levels, compress the audio more,compress the textures more, down-res the mpeg movies, and eventuallyget any game to fit on a DVD. But you paid for a high-def experience,right? You want the highest resolution, best audio, most cinematicexperience a developer can offer, right? That's why Blu-Ray isimportant for games, and why it will become more important each yearof this hardware cycle."

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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