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Thread: Insomniac Games Reveals Resistance 3 PS3 Box Art and Logos

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    Insomniac Games Reveals Resistance 3 PS3 Box Art and Logos

    Today Insomniac Games Senior Community Manager James Stevenson has officially revealed the Resistance 3 PS3 box art and logos to fans.

    To quote: Today we're proud to reveal the Resistance 3 box art that you can hold in your hands when the game hits store shelves on September 6th. You should recognize right away that this graphic version of the Chimeran Skull with the New York skyline depicted as its teeth, as well as the stylized version of the Resistance franchise logo, isn't your typical "rendered hero" box art.

    To create this new look, we partnered with Olly Moss, a talented British artist, to create a bold vision of the Resistance 3 box art for both the North American and European territories.

    The Resistance team worked closely with Olly to share our vision for the Chimera-occupied 1957, and Joesph Capelli's journey across the destroyed USA to his destination, New York City. You'll see this in the alternate version of the art below, which shows Capelli walking towards the NYC skyline.

    We wanted Olly's work to reflect that in Resistance 3, YOU are the Resistance. Resistance 3 isn't a military shooter, as the United States Army and SRPA have been destroyed. Instead, Resistance 3 is about the remnants of humanity finding any way possible to survive in a brutal world.

    This work coincides with Olly's first art show in Hollywood at the Gallery 1988 (which runs until May 20th, if you're in the LA-area). We're excited about the new look of the box art and expect to see additional Resistance 3 art by Olly throughout the campaign. You can find out more info about Olly, and see more of his fantastic art, by checking out

    You may have also heard that we will be bringing exclusive early access to a nearly half-hour single-player demo straight to your PS3 on June 14th! The demo will be included on specially-marked Blu-Ray copies of the Sony Pictures sci-fi action thriller Battle: Los Angeles (which you may recall from the now memorable Resistance 3 billboard spotted on a Sony film set).

    The demo level is the entire boat ride sequence of the game, as Joseph Capelli and Dr. Malikov discover a flooded town infested with Chimera. We hope you'll enjoy the small taste of atmosphere, environmental storytelling and exciting action sequences you'll see in the final version of Resistance 3 on September 6th.

    [imglink=|Insomniac Games Reveals Resistance 3 PS3 Box Art and Logos][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Insomniac Games Reveals Resistance 3 PS3 Box Art and Logos][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Insomniac Games Reveals Resistance 3 PS3 Box Art and Logos][/imglink]
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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Wow... this is something different :|... hope the game isn't as bad as the logo!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I like the look of the box art, it's a shame the games going to just be another rehash of the original for the sake of it.

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    anticon Guest
    would love to get my hands on the demo, anybody know if its gonna be a voucher or is the demo actually on the blu-ray disk itself?

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    leukotic Guest
    Well, that logo will certainly stick out amongst all the other PS3 games on the shelves. Although I was expecting something better seeing as how they greatly emphasized the use of a talented British artist.

    Also I wonder if PS+ users are going to get access to this demo.

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    elser1 Guest
    can't wait for this game but i also hope its better than the box art.. being an artist of sorts myself i don't think the covers worthy of "a Big reveal" IMO..

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