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Thread: Infinity Ward Insider Rumor: Call of Duty 6 goes Sci-Fi?

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    triple7 Guest

    Infinity Ward Insider Rumor: Call of Duty 6 goes Sci-Fi?

    Ahead of this weekend's Call of Duty: World at War reveal via Xbox Live Marketplace, comes a tasty little rumour hinting that the COD4 developer's next game will be a bit on the science fiction side.

    Take it with a pinch of salt for the time being but an insider from Infinity Ward is reported to have said, "we are currently working on a new sci-fi title, we cannot release any more information as of yet, we may or may not announce it at E3.

    We're not sure how much into the future we're talking here and we hope we're not shooting little green men or vampires on Mars. We've done a little digging only to be greeted by blank looks, which doesn't actually rule anything out in our experience. But it doesn't confirm anything either.

    Usually we wouldn't go for such randomness, but we've got a funny feeling about this one. More soon maybe...?

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    Raedean Guest
    I ever wonder... if they will ever do a medieval version of COD...

    Who knows... its way better than current warfare or future...

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    ThizzLam Guest
    Hell no man... Keep doing what u do best... dont start that Sc-fi crap, there are plenty other games out there for that.

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    Personally, I am sick of WW2 shooters u know. Every other shooter you see nowadays is based on, talk about a grossly saturated genre !! I really want game developers to move on develop shooters based on something else.

    I dont necessarily mean sci-fi stuff, but how about future based wars ? In this respect, I really loved COD4, because it moved on from WW2... but then I was *soo* dissappointed to hear that COD5 is going back to WW2... *sigh*

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