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Thread: Infinity Ward Confirms Modern Warfare 2 Has Third-person Mode

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    Infinity Ward Confirms Modern Warfare 2 Has Third-person Mode

    Yesterday we saw video footage of a third-person view in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PS3.

    Today Infinity Ward's community manager Robert Bowling (A.K.A. fourzerotwo) has confirmed that a third-person camera viewpoint will be available in this holiday's monolithic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, though it'll be limited to specifically labeled online playlists.

    To quote: "It's not something you can toggle on and off in ANY game," said Bowling. The special mode can only be played in private matches - toggled on or off just like "Hardcore" settings - or in playlists that are designated for third-person play.

    According to Bowling, everyone playing in a third-person playlist will be restricted to the viewpoint. "This is just another cool way to play the game," he said, "you obviously will still have the option to play gametypes normal as well."

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    sharks Guest
    I am really looking forward to this game, with some many options to play. I agree that a true FPS would be limited with the field of vision of the player with a third person mode.

    Killzone2 also has this technology coded inside the game's spectator mode, but somehow the developers didn't exploit this in the in-game mode. Hopefully they will, in the next upcoming instalment of Killzone3 to be released at the end of 2010. The more options, the better!

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Third person shooters are not bad, in fact I think they are pretty good. I think third person shooter develop a far greater relationship with the character in the game. For instance when you play a FPS you only get to see the hands character most of the time and that makes it kinda impersonal. Sure you should feel like you are playing and you are the character but with TPS you get to see the character all the time and its surrounding.

    Im not saying COD really needs this TPS option, I mean COD has been great and the formula can go untouch a little longer. TPS are like watching a movie or reading a book to me, for example uncharted has to be one of the must play games in the ps3 and its a TPS and so its Gears of War on the 360 and even metal gear. So I think both views acomplish diferent things one can be mindless shooting and having fun while the TPS are more to tell a story, FPS can accomplish this too and make it all the time. TPS is in the end merely a tool to accomplish a perspective in the gaming industry.

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    livin4noone Guest
    I think it's nice to have the option.. That way you please (almost) everyone.

    Personally third person makes me dizzy.

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    mohp Guest
    personally i prefer using 1st person, but its good to have other views as well.

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    firebird24 Guest
    I prefer to have first person as well. Sometimes depending on the camera angles third person can make things harder at times.

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    jdogg09 Guest


    why would they ruin a great game by putting third person into it

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    gg147 Guest
    i really like Third Person Shooter games.. it could be great, but call of duty games are associated with FPS and not TPS, i bought this game to play for a FPS game.

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