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Thread: InFamous PS3 Demo: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

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    InFamous PS3 Demo: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

    Does the InFamous PS3 demo leave a good impression, or make you want to leave the game?

    Last night I had the opportunity to play through Sony's upcoming super-powered exclusive InFamous.

    After spending several hours-yes, there are literally hours worth of things to see and do in the demo alone-romping through Empire City I have several thoughts I would like to share.

    The Good

    The demo alone has convinced me that every PS3 owning action fan needs to buy this game immediately upon release. I say that because InFamous is one hell of a ride the second you start playing. With only half of Cole's powers available in the demo I still instantly felt like a god amongst mere mortals.

    When I tell you Cole is super-powered I'm talking almost an unstoppable force. He glides through the air like Batman, he shoots lighting out of his hands like Zeus, he climbs like Spiderman, he blasts objects with sheer force like a Jedi, he can heal or suck the life out of injured civilians, he restrains enemies with electricity chains, he creates grenades out of sheer electricity, he can call lightning storms out of the sky to devastate whole streets-and that is only half of the powers promised in the game. Get my point?

    With all of Cole's powers and the absolute havoc they wreak on Empire City the strain on the PS3 is huge. Despite that you will be thrilled to hear that the game performs amazingly; no slowdown, no screen tearing, no hitches. InFamous executes like a champion.

    InFamous has some of the smoothest, if not the smoothest, third person controls I have ever experienced. Within minutes I was pulling off kills while gliding off the top of a building, landing in combat rolls, and coming up deadly. If you love clean controls and lots of action InFamous is a must have.

    The karma system in place in the game brings up a world of possibility. The demo has you play on both extremes; Cole as a pure good guy and Cole as pure evil. Not only did Cole look different in the two extremes, but even his powers changed. I don't want to give too much away at this point but I will say I can't wait to see how his actions ultimately effect the overall storyline.

    The Bad

    The characters Cole interacted with, those that gave him missions or contacted him during battle, didn't seem terribly exciting. They weren't presented horribly by any means, but they didn't seem to be the type that would make me care about them or their wellbeing. Keep in mind that may simply be because the demo gives you a lot to do in the city but only a few real missions, thus time with NPCs is limited.

    In a similar vein, the heavy emphasis on action and performance has left me wondering about the story. Again, this was only a demo and the full game may prove to have an incredible and well developed storyline, but the focus on action and performance may have taken some of the time that could have been spent on plot. I repeat; the verdict is completely out on this, it is simply one of the questions raised as I played through what is already an amazing title.

    The Ugly

    Jaggies! InFamous appears to be a little bit on the jaggy side, not enough to ruin the experience in anyway, but it was quite noticeable. Hopefully between the demo build and having gone gold Sucker Punch has been able to throw in a little aliasing work to smooth things up.

    Pop in! The draw distance in the game is incredible, but just like Grand Theft Auto IV there were some minor but noticeable pop in issues. Objects like garbage containers and cars would pop into view regularly as I leapt from rooftop to rooftop or rode the train that represents the first in-demo mission. At one point an entire building did appear out of nowhere.


    My time with the InFamous demo was incredible. It represents the best demo I have ever played and has convinced me that Sony has a true AAA exclusive on the way that will prove a must own.

    The verdict on the story and characters must wait until the full game is in my hands, but if these elements even half-way match the title's incredible gameplay and performance it will not fail to impress. Be excited Sony gamers. InFamous looks to be an amazing addition to your video game library.

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Yeah!!!, good to hear the Demo was awesome, my pre order is already in now we play the waiting game.

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    Shrink Guest
    No doubt the game is good.
    I didn't play the demo (unfortunately no key).
    But I wouldn't have believed it was THAT good.
    Now I'm really excited...

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    slammy Guest
    yeah im buying it for sure, it's just one of those games you've been waiting for.

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    iPPo2k5 Guest
    Hmm, now I'm really interested in this game too.

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    zesty Guest
    Regarding the Demo.. it's awesome!

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    Initially, inFamous didn't seem like a very interesting game to me. But after reading several reviews that are even only on the demo. My interest in this game has been ignited due to all of the excitement and positive impressions.

    I still may wait for the demo though. It's not that easy for me to spend $60 any more...

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