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Thread: InFamous Goes Gold, Another PS3 Killer Game is Upon Us?

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    InFamous Goes Gold, Another PS3 Killer Game is Upon Us?

    According to the PlayStation Blog today, InFamous has now gone gold.

    In just over a month (May 26th, 2009) the PS3 will launch another big console exclusive in Sucker Punch Products third person shooter inFamous.

    This coming just a few months after the release of Killzone 2 will leave many Sony fans asking for the first time since the PS3's release, "What game should I play?"

    So why might InFamous be a killer game?

    It is Crackdown meets Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The games setting takes you to Empire City, a setting ravaged by a massive explosion supposedly caused by Cole McGrath, the character you play. You are free to wander the Empire City ala Crackdown only you have badass powers comparable to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

    Your powers include shooting electricity at your enemies, forming and electrical shield to repel foes and their weapons and creating electrical grenades that are thrown and explode in similar fashion to plasma grenades in Halo. No more linear levels like those found in Force Unleashed which should result in a more creative use of your powers.

    InFamous may not be as simple and mindless as it sounds though as it contains its own RPG like element in the Karma system.

    Players will be forced to make decisions throughout the game that will influence Cole McGrath's development throughout the game. Inevitably though even if there are hundreds of these situations in the game they will all result in one of two maybe three endings if we are lucky? It sounds good on paper but is rarely executed properly: see Fallout 3, Mass Effect etc...

    How could InFamous be a failure?

    No multiplayer. Any game that comes out in this day and age without multiplayer does not justify a $60 price tag. There has not yet been a sandbox style game that has perfected multiplayer which may have scared Sucker Punch Productions away but I think it provided an opening for them.

    It is made by Sucker Punch Productions. Yes they made the Sly Cooper series which was well received but outside of that trilogy they have one other game under their built. They aren't a big studio and may not have had the resources needed to put together a killer game.

    Not saying a small company or a lackluster Web site always translates into a bad game just pointing out that their resources are not on the same level as say a Killzone 2. It also doesn't help that this is Sucker Punch Studio's first go around with the PS3, it wouldn't be the first time we saw a developer struggle with a PS3 release (The Orange Box).

    The good news on this game is that the demo will be releasing on May 21st, giving you ample time to test it out before it hits store shelves on May 26th!

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    I'm actually interested. A superhero game that's not built on an existing comic-book type lets them make the powers a little more coherent. They can design the powers around what the game can do. The story looks like it could be interesting, too. I have a hard time dropping $60 on a game, but... hmmm...

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