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Thread: inFamous Demo for PlayStation 3 is Available Now!

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    inFamous Demo for PlayStation 3 is Available Now!

    Today several users on the official PlayStation boards (linked above) are reporting that they have been able to download the inFamous Demo for PS3.

    Apparently those who received an early demo code for the title can grab it as the code validates as of today. To quote from miahdeadbeat's feedback thus far:

    OK, just finished the first quest... I think this will be a good game... its very open.

    Graphics are not amazing but interactivity is rad.... I wanna see more story... so far I have just electracuted everything in sight... the controls are nice and I find myself jumping onto things easily enough... sometimes its tricky when a ledge is offset with another.

    I just saw a bystander come running up and take a picture of cole in game... so I shocked the hell outta her and then threw a sonic blast into three cars that smashed a group of people into some payphones.

    This game rocks as far as sandbox gameplay! Now onto the next mission... wonder how many are on the demo.

    PS: Music is damn good so far... atmospheric and professional.

    PSS: Bio leech is way too cool. Its where someone is almost dead so you stick a finger in the mouth of the poor clown and sap his health. hmmm... I wonder if I can make cole evil in the demo or if its not able to render it... someone just walked by cole saying, "everyone in my family is dead," poor slag.

    Thats one let down is so far you can't really interact with the nobody's besides launching them into the sky or sticking your finger on someones tongue, hehe.

    You can totally screw around... I went a little too far off map one time and it told me mission aborted which is prolly when it will outload you from the event and you can just mess around or something...

    The rad part was jumping off this train I was guiding along and taking out enemies from far off.... I wonder if you unlock the ability to zoom and also I have only seen the camera do the slow down thing when you die. But that might be an unlock too, who knows!

    I will be back... gotta go to "the marked location on my gps" the second mission is less restrictive on where you can go.... lets check out these 6 blocks.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    51N15T3R Guest
    Can you post the dl link to the demo in the PSN Links section?

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    I don't do PSN links myself, but when someone gets it they can add it to the database here:

    Add Link:

    PSN Links:

    Update: The inFamous Demo link is now added, here is a direct-download link:

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    gpiteira Guest
    Thanks for the link, very excited about this game. Hope it will be as good as it was promised.

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    51N15T3R Guest
    Thanks for the link

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    Hey thanx for the link, but the link itself is pretty much useless if we cannot install the demo onto a PS3 ..

    Any updates on whether there's a workaround on how to install PS3 Demos from a PC, on the 2.70 firmware ?

    *fingers crossed*

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    mrgreaper Guest
    here in the uk we didnt get any demo codes so i was really greatful for the psn link

    i followed the tutorial on the psn pages forum link but ran into a problem, over here we dont have the folding at home link we do have a life with playstation so looking through the proxy program i could see where they show the links to programmes in the log and one had lwp after i attempted to download lwp ..AH i thought! jack pot replaced the [email protected] link with the lwp one and tried again but got an error

    so i tried the two older methods never worked

    i guess us uk ps3 owners just unlucky

    unable to edit the above post ^^
    never should be neither (damn dyslexia)

    i have had a good search around and it seems that its not a uk ps3 problem but a firmware 2.70 problem that all us ps3 owners are suffering. its rather frustrating that here in the uk my pre order did not warrent a demo code (that and the megawatt blades are us exclusives from what i can gather) sometimes i think developers are sticking there tongue out at us uk gamers lol still its good to read the news article as the guy is clearly enjoying the demo (and if the demo is open world the game must be really open)

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    zaror1992 Guest


    I just entered the PS Store but i didnt saw the demo, its only with code or an open demo?

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    mrgreaper Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zaror1992 View Post
    I just entered the PS Store but i didnt saw the demo, its only with code or an open demo?
    at this time its only in the us with a code that preorder people get (it sucks i know )

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    iPPo2k5 Guest
    I hate download codes. -.-

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