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Thread: InFamous 2 PS3 PAL Release Dates Confirmed for June 8th / 10th

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    InFamous 2 PS3 PAL Release Dates Confirmed for June 8th / 10th

    With PSN back online Sony is now resuming their regular PS3 gaming news updates, starting today with European Product Manager Elliott Linger confirming InFamous 2 PS3 PAL release dates for June 8th / 10th.

    To quote: I'm very pleased to confirm that inFamous 2 has now gone gold and will release across PAL on 8th / 10th of June - here's how it splits out:

    - UK, Germany & Ireland: 10th June
    - Rest of PAL: 8th June

    Undoubtedly one of 2011′s most eagerly anticipated titles, inFamous 2, the story of reluctant superhero Cole MacGrath, will, like the karma system in the game, offer a number of different choices when you hit stores come release.

    As you may know, we have already announced the lenticular Special Edition - which comes with a powershot of extra digital content including the Electrocution Grenade power, Golden Amp and an exclusive Cole MacGrath skin from inFamous 1.

    Alternatively, you can harness the power of a hero and pick up the luxury Hero Edition which comes complete with Lightning Hook downloadable power, Kessler skin, a Cole MacGrath figurine and inFamous comic from graphic novel legends DC Comics, a replica Cole MacGrath messenger bag and the inFamous 2 digital soundtrack.

    But the choice doesn't end there. Two exclusive inFamous 2 DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller bundles will also be released in June. For those who want to play it safe, take home the 'good' DUALSHOCK 3 bundle where your copy of the game will come with a limited edition 'cosmic blue' wireless controller.

    And for the more morally ambiguous out there, take home the 'evil' bundle which comes with an exclusive 'crimson red' wireless controller.

    Not only that, for fans new to the series, there's also an inFamous 2 PS3 bundle available which comes with a copy of the game, 320GB PS3 console and standard black DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller.

    The Special edition, Hero edition and hardware bundles will not be available in all territories, so please check with your locale retailer for availability.

    Shape your own destiny with inFamous 2 - exclusively on PS3 - and remember: 'Being A Hero Is Optional'.

    And here's the inFamous 2 opening cinematic to wet your appetite.

    [imglink=|InFamous 2 PS3 PAL Release Dates Confirmed for June 8th / 10th][/imglink]
    [imglink=|InFamous 2 PS3 PAL Release Dates Confirmed for June 8th / 10th][/imglink]
    [imglink=|InFamous 2 PS3 PAL Release Dates Confirmed for June 8th / 10th][/imglink]
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    inginear Guest
    for the ds3 bundles, are the controller colors the same red and blue ds3's that have been out for a while? or are they different, unreleased colors?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Yep - lets milk it as much as possible with 6 "various" versions of the same game...

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    viewtonic Guest
    "As inFAMOUS 2 readies for its 8th July launch, Sony India has put up a 32" Bravia LCD TV up for grabs. Pre-ordering the game before the release lets you enter the lucky draw to win the flatscreen TV, two inFAMOUS 2 limited edition PUMA trainers, and 50 3D game posters."


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