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    Apr 2005

    InFamous 2 for PS3 Announced in Game Informer Magazine

    SCEA's Product Marketing Manager Wilson Cheng has confirmed the InFamous 2 PS3 announcement in the latest Game Informer Magazine today.

    To quote: Hey Guys - you may have seen the new inFAMOUS 2 cover on GameInformer.com.

    I'm very excited to officially announce that Cole MacGrath will be returning exclusively to the PS3.

    This issue will give the very first details of the game and how Sucker Punch has improved every aspect of it. You'll learn about the new city, new powers and new gameplay.

    It should be hitting news stands in the next week. Look for more inFAMOUS 2 news at E3.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dante489 Guest
    I'll be waiting for this, it's a must buy for me.

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    Okiri Guest
    Hope they make a lot of improvements like with uncharted... This series has a lot of potential.

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    tjay17 Guest


    I can't wait for this.

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