February 7, 2007 - Yesterday we reported that Naughty Dog's upcoming, jungle-bound PlayStation 3 title had an official name, even if Sony wouldn't comment on "rumors or speculation". Today, a second website has confirmed the news that the game's title is indeed Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and included a handful of new test shots of the in-progress title.

Today's culprit is the personal website of Rob Adams, lead environment artist on the game over at Naughty Dog. His resume lists that he's currently working on the title and his gallery page has four previously-unseen test screens. One of the four shots had a "Pause" icon in the lower right-hand corner, evidence to us that these screens were in-game, or at least in-engine.

After this story originally went live, the screens and resume were pulled from the site. If you hadn't managed to see them, know that they looked great and very closely matched what we'd seen in the original trailer.

Thanks to IGN.com for sharing the news with us!