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    PS3 Square Button IGN makes the PS3 wait worse!

    As if Nov 17 isn't far enough way, the mystery of the reserve date is killing me. But what's worst is all of those PS3 HD videos IGN has. I watch them everyday just to satisfy my need (it's like i'm a PS3 junkie and theres no ps3 yet).

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    I remember when I was waiting for Wild Arms 3 to come out. I would check all the game sites for new info, download all the movies, pictures and sound clips I could find. I preordered my copy and couldn't wait to play it only to discover the game actually sucked. The point is, don't get too excited or you might get really let down.

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    hahahaha me too. man i cant wait to have a PS3

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post
    One site (I don't remember which) is already taking pre-orders on the bundle for (wait for it)... One thousand bux. I'm not sure what it comes with, but I think it includes three games.
    does that price include the ps3?

    ok, i'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraken View Post
    The point is, don't get too excited or you might get really let down.
    That is why I can wait to get a PS3, so when it come out and does suck, then I won't be dissapointed.

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