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    Takavach Guest

    IGN AU's Pre-E3 2009 Sony PlayStation Predictions

    E3 2009 kicks off again on June 2 this year - and while that's still a couple months off, IGN AU has layed its cards on the table and made a few educated guesses about what might be shown.

    2008 has been the Sony PS3's strongest year, while almost in direct correlation to how poorly the PSP performed in many markets.

    This E3, we're expecting big things on both console fronts - the PS3 could use a price cut and the PSP needs a successor - two things we're expecting to come out of Sony's E3 presentation.

    Elsewhere, we're predicting the announcement of Sony's foray into 3D gaming as well as a playable version of Gran Turismo 5, video of Team ICO's next title and a continued push on the PlayStation Home front. We're also tipping an off-chase of a PS3 redesign to bring it in line with PSOne and PS2 Slim models. Will these pan out, or have we missed the mark completely?

    95% - First 3D-compatible titles announced
    Our thoughts: Sony has been demonstrating true 3D compatibility for titles like WipEout and MotorStorm at technology trade shows. We're almost positive that where there's smoke, there's 3D. Sony's very likely to announce downloadable patches for these games to make them 3D-compatible, as well as the promise of future compatibility with major releases.

    90% - PS3 Price Cut - Publishers Dance in Streets
    Our thoughts: First the fans and now game publishers are asking Sony to drop the street price of the PS3. This E3, we're expecting a cut or a new model that's light on features, but with a significantly lower price. It'd be a great PR move for Sony, even if analysts are saying that it won't increase sales significantly.

    90% - New PSP / PSP2, Blockbuster Titles Blitz
    Our thoughts: Okay - it's coming, most assuredly. And we're almost positive the wrappings are coming off at E3 this year. But will it remain a PSP upgrade, or are we going to see a fully fledged new handheld, complete with a spec-boost and new design ethic? Our money is on PSP2, all the way to the bank.

    90% - Fresh Home Content
    Our thoughts: Sony isn't going to let E3 go by without spending some serious time pushing Home, the PS3's online avatar portal and potential advertising portal. We're hoping for an injection of must-visit content and some further refinements.

    75% - Gran Turismo 5 Playable
    Our thoughts: Polyphony Digital infamously takes its time with the Gran Turismo series -after all, sales are practically assured and it has massive shoes to fill. However, it would make sense to show the game now, after almost a year of GT5: Prologue and little else.

    60% - Team ICO's Next Shown
    Our thoughts: We, frankly, cannot wait. Both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus remain two of our all-time favourite games, and the third anticipated title has barely surfaced in more than three years of development time. We're hoping for footage. Prove us right, Sony.

    Long-shot Predictions:

    30% - PSEye Software Announced
    Our thoughts: What happened to the PSEye? Eye of Judgement, that's what. It was the game that was supposed to sell the hardware. It didn't, really. And now there's very little fresh content for the PSEye. Is it dead hardware? Will E3 reveal new PSEye EyeToy games? Slim chance.

    25% - PS3 Redesign / Colors
    Our thoughts:A resized PSOne came out in 2000, late in the console's lifecycle. The PS2 slim appeared even earlier into the PS2's life in 2004. Now, three years after the PS3 launched, are we about to see a slim PS3 launch? Probably not. But maybe. So, yeah - 'maybe, but probably not' is our final answer for now.

    15% - New Input Method Unveiled
    Our thoughts: Is Sony going to blow the Wii out of the water with some sort of full-body, visual feedback game device? We know London Studio (SingStar, EyeToy) is working on ...something... but we're not sure what. Will E3 2009 hold the answer?

    5% - Gran Turismo PSP
    Our thoughts: Is it still in development? Is it dead? The game that sold us on the power of the PSP has yet to make it to market, almost five years on. We're betting it's not coming out this year, but stranger things have happened.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    100%: There will be a PSP2 If it doesn't happen they probably will never release a new PSP.

    95%: I predict a PSP price drop to $120 or $150.

    92%: I can say for almost a absolute fact that they will be releasing the PSP 3001 that will fix the screen errors thats all.

    72%: PS3 Price drop. Has to happen sometime but I have my doubts.

    23% without Price drop 37% with: PS3 slim.

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