As outlined in our Past News last night, the recent 'ICE' PS3 hack claim turned out to be just another PS3 hangup resulting with a black screen- useless!

Today, the same ICE lamers (alec, streetskaterfu, iqd) have been childishly pestering the @ps in iRC EFnet #PS3News (primarily CJPC) with the infamous "Source Code" ( - 2.82 KB (2,894 bytes)) of their alleged PS3 'hack'... you know, the one with the video showing nothing but a black screen. :)

After getting bored humoring them for awhile, we decided to reveal that their 'hack' Source Code is ironically 100% identical code (with the exception of a printf to their lameass page) as this IBM Code that has been published back in 2006.

Additionally, mainman and Gigi wanted us to share that this code checks for 8 SPE's... and (D'OH!) the PS3 only utilizes a maximum of 7- PWN'D once again! :D

Not only did ICE pilfer IBM's old (Cell) code and claim it as their own, but they also didn't know enough to realize it's not even LV2 PS3 code! Needless to say, it's now clear even to blindmen that 'ICE' have absolutely no credibility left and can't even discern PS3 code themselves let alone hack the PS3 single-handedly.

Hopefully this is the last we'll hear of their BS antics, so we all can get back to some REAL PS3 Dev news soon.

[imglink=|ICE ICE Baby: Source Code debunked; Old IBM Code!][/imglink]

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