On iRC EFnet #PS3News tonight 'Team ICE' (alec, streetskaterfu, iqd) approached CJPC showing him a video (below) of a 2007 R:FOM crash/hang/lag in which they falsely claim "OMFG we can hack/run unsigned code 9111!" :D

Both the claim/video are worth about as much as the recently released P3DXLoad Video, however, the tards are posting:

"First we found an exploit to run SELF files in gameos. Then we coded an application which converts ELF files into runable SELF files. We can load these with our exploit. The coding is not finished, we still have to clean the code, that we will get an screen output. The SELF files are running, but screen doesnt show this atm. When this is fixed we could release a "hello world"."

Sadly, this is false and an utter waste of time. For starters, the 'exploit' used to launch the code is quite dated. It uses Resistance: Fall Of Man to copy a replacement EBOOT.BIN to the PS3's HDD. This is quite similiar to the Warhawk method detailed here and here, however is a bit more constrained.

Quite a few Devs, including Gigi found it in the past and even discussed it publically here. Another resident PS3 Dev (Subdub) also found it back in summer 2007, however, we all kept it quiet due to Sony patching the Warhawk method! Even those outside the immediate Dev circle such as Placa have been aware of this since last year... a big YAWN fest indeed.

About the replacement Eboot.bin, it is an unencrypted file, compiled with the Cell SDK (not the OFFICIAL Sony one), with a SCE header plopped onto it- voila, ELF2SELF. Now, any executable file on the PS3 HDD is required to be in the NPDRM format. That is basically an encrypted self, signed with Sony keys with a SCE header wrapped around, and properly relocated tables among other things.

Furthermore if a "Hello World" is a black screen, we all have found a "Hello World"; every single time we shutdown our PS3's. This "Hello World" is nothing but the PS3 hanging up. A hangup- that's all folks. There are plenty of other documented crashes/hangups of the PS3 over the past year and a half, and this is no exception sadly.

We would love to see unsigned code running on a retail PS3. However, this is just another case of kids seeking attention by posting videos that lead nowhere, false or otherwise. With that being said, check out the video for your daily dose of entertainment guys! :P

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