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    Trophix Guest

    Lightbulb I think I unlocked Home BETA but I need your help!

    I have been messing around with the home beta for quit a while now and i think i finaly found an exploit.The exploit is the home beta save file itself, in the code it defines the user and his/her country now if i could some how change this i might be able to add psn ids directly on to sonys servers hence giving the owner of this psn access to home.

    I do know some coding but i need help from other people if we are to get this to work!!! I also need to get my hand on another home beta save (to see how the code differs from one save to the next) and the home system date.

    UPDATE: I done a bit of network sniffing, and discovered that HOME connects here:

    http://game-updates.online.scee.com:100 0/DATA.XML

    i also found this code in the home beta save file this is what i find real real interesting:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I think this can be done and its only a matter of time until we can find a way in, but i really need another home beta save file so i can compare the difference between the two... and if there is any people here who knows a bit of coding tell me and i'll attach you what ive done so far.

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    kevinman202 Guest
    Really interesting, but how to use it?

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    wicked insanity Guest
    You should upload what you have found and then it's for all to see at their leisure, those that know about stuff and want to help, can.

    NOTE ADMIN, could the initial post be moved to the main HOME thread as it is relavent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trophix View Post
    UPDATE: I done a bit of network sniffing, and discovered that HOME connects here:

    http://game-updates.online.scee.com:100 … 0/DATA.XML
    You need to parse the link or write it out full as its not recognizing it.

    And if I'm not mistaken, didn't we already have this file and the code...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    It's relevant, but for now I don't want to move it to the non-Newbie section because this will likely create a bunch of uneducated, ideas, and speculation replies versus anything substantial (see post #2 here to see what I mean, there would be 50 more of those just for post counts).

    If things develop into something useful here, then sure we can move it there... but right now it's just another rehash of the same old story with Home, XML's and the whole shebang that was already looked into and found to be of little use.

    If Trophix would have just attached whatever file he is referring to then others could perhaps have something to comment on and allow the thread to grow and possibly help him out.

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