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    Newbie MKE's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    I had my PS3 Training today at best buy!

    And let me tell you- i was very disappointed. not only did the sony rep have no idea about gaming or the ps3, but the only new thing i learned from the whole day is the case is translucent.

    he had everything written down on a little note pad. reading from it. if we asked a question that he couldnt find the answer to, it was something he wasnt allowed to talk about.

    after witnessing the "load" time of the games, i can say start a new game before making dinner, that way it may be ready to go by the time you get there. (did you read the 9 min load for ridge racer 7, yep-its true. although i dont know if it was exactly 9, but it was more then 5)

    the controller is wider then the ps2 dual shock, and lighter. i miss the rumble feature but he said "isnt the motion sensing better though". so i said "not really, but im curious how nintendo do it, in a smaller case". he completely ignored me and didnt come back the rest of the time.

    as for how they looked, imagine it as a ps2 vs xbox. the xbox looks better, but the ps2 has better games (to some poeple, not me though). i think it's going to be the complete opposite this time.

    oh- i also asked him about metal gear 4 being moved to the 360 too, and that was a "i'm not allowed to comment" things.

    oh yeah, i just want to say congratulations to the first 2 people to the stores on launch day!

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    Newbie MKE's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    i cant edit my post, but i also found out the only accessories that are coming out are the extra controller for 50$, media remote for 25, and the memory card adaptor for 15.

    There is going to be no sony hdmi cable, plus he said that the units only come with standard a/v cables!. but with how retarded he was about games and stuff, this probably means component, but then he said "since everyone doesnt have an hdtv, and we dont know how long they want the cable to be, we left that up to the consumer to buy"?!

    our store also has boxes of the best buy ps3 buyers guide, and getting our demo unit soon. (we were supposed to have it 2 weeks ago, but there were huge storms up here and manufacturing problems, so it got pushed back...)

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    Apr 2005

    Thanks for the info MKE... appreciate it!

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    Contributor WOWchamp's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Nice info, honestly the waiting for games to load isnt that bad if it will make the games that much faster once the loading is complete.

    MY concern however is how much each game takes up, even though Im getting a 60GB the space will still fill up damn fast at 3-5 GB per game.

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    WOWChamp, so far from what I've read, Ridge Racer is the only game so far planning on making the 5 gig install mandatory to play the game and reduce load times. The rest are either optional or unneeded.

    I think a one-time install is worth having very short load times as long as every game doesn't need it. 5 Gigs isn't that large of an amount on a 60 gig drive, but if every game needed an install like that it'd get a bit frustrating due to the fact that I plan to use my PS3 as a media center as well.

    As for MGS4, as far a I know it's still a PS3 exclusive. The developer has constantly stated that it's a PS3 only release and the only "proof" that it may be on other systems is a very tiny image of the corner of a magazine. I've been told multiple times that the extra words were photoshopped on.

    As for rumble, I won't miss it at all. My Dual Shock was broken for a few hours and I didn't notice that it wasn't rumbling until I went into the "Settings" menu and figured it out.

    Cool that you got this info, but you seem a bit biased against the PS3. I'm guessing you're not a fan?
    Last edited by coheedcollapse; 11-04-2006 at 11:42 PM

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    Wow MKE, your tone suggests such a pure hatred of either Sony or the ps3. Anyways, A/V cables are the most general ables still used in the market, and yes the ps3 is being shipped with A/V cables and not component or hdmi. Yes, the good old red white and blue, err yellow.

    I can see how the rep might say they don't know who has what tv with what connection, but then you might think spending $500-600 and not have a hdmi. For one, HDTVs are just becoming the tvs everyone buys. I guessing this since the two Best Buys i go to just reorganized by taking out all crts and having a huge wall of LCDs and plasmas in the back. Since thats the case some might have 1st or 2nd generation hdtvs that have dvi.

    I, having a hdtv with a dvi cable in back, am just greatful that they didn't have a proprietary connector for digital audio and video, so all I have to do is buy my 10ft hdmi2dvi, $5.74 , high quality cable and relax. Hope is high quality or basically high enough !! Yeah i know, with my dvi connection that mean my tv can only support for 1080i so quality or not it should work(Just covering from those tech savy peeps out there).

    As for component cables, I do wish it came with them but you already have a component ready tv and a ps2 you would probably already have the all playstation compatible component cables. I think its also the fact that microsoft got lucky because of the price of copper wasnt as high during its initial release and it now being so high this year that sony probably didnt want to add the copper heavy component cables which would be able to carry the hdtv signal. They actually cost more than hdmi to my surprise! Now I'm not talking about more than the 100% markup hdmi's but the down to earth prices.

    Well, hope you didn't take this personally or anything, just wanted to clear something up then it turned into this essay all to hide the truth. The truth that I don't want to study for my exam!! Ok, better get back to that.

    gg gl and cya later!

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    Yeah I thought that as well. Seemed to be passive aggressive overtones towards the system in an informative article. I see it all the frickin time on Digg. Just about everyone there wants a Wii and a 360, and I have a feeling a lot of it has something to do with the whole groupthought thing. I'm going to settle for PS3 and Wii myself.

    As for HDMI cables, PS3 uses standard HDMI, and since it's a digital cable you don't have to worry about quality in material - as long as the signal gets to the tv, you're getting the best quality.

    Don't go for monster cables, you can get a HDMI cable from Amazon for $6:

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    Newbie Cmarr's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Damn, you guys think that just because someone has some criticisms of PS3 and their sales rep, that must have a biased or hatred against Sony? LOL.

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    Newbie MKE's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    i realize i may have made the article a bit biased against sony/ps3, but i just got off working 12 hours after getting 2 hours sleep and honestly being very disappointed. not so much with the product, but the information that was given.

    now that i've had some sleep, let me go through and try and restate my opinions on the system and not based on the dumbass rep.

    1.I worked myself up for this day because i was hoping i would find something out i havent read on digg or here. that kind of messed it up right there. as i said, the only thing that i was unaware of was the case is translucent, and only solid black in photos because of the light/flash of the camera.

    2. Again on the rep. for this being the day for us to learn everything about a console, he was very uninformed about it himself. i could have told him more stuff about it then he probably knew. plus, he was explaining games and stuff, and said "world of witchcraft" (instead of warcraft...) and everyone started laughing for obvious reasons, and he said he couldnt say any more on that game on the ps3. Then the geek squad people were making fun of him by litterally making up words, and he used them to answer the questions (i dont remember specifics right now, i will though because it was hilarious)

    he didnt know if the hdd was sata or pata, and we are supposed to sell people larger hdd's. stuff like that made me think he really didnt care.

    3. The load times seemed a little ridiculous. although it uses the same technique as the xbox did w/ cache'ing stuff to the hdd, this has to transfer alot more data so it's gonna take that extra time. doom 3 and half life 2 are the biggest ones i can think of that take a while but there are some games that dont use it at all so.... it's normal and expected, but its hard using that as an advantage for someone to buy a ps3, where as with a 360/wii you put it in and your good.

    4. the controller is lighter, a little wider, and it does fit the hands better then the dual shock, however the analog location i think is still a problem. the rumble feature is just a plus, i guess it doesn't bother me it's not there- i just find it very unnecessary for sony to lie to us like that and say they took it out for space reasons. i think we all know why it's not included anymore

    5. The ps3 did look a little better then the 360. i say a little because it's the same as people saying the gc/xbox look better then the ps2. they do, however graphics arent everything, and with microsoft getting more companies on board to make exclusive/ports, and as we saw this past gen, graphics are not everything.

    6. (skipping the mgs 4 and going to the av) I find it very hard to believe sony is not going to ship the system with component cables. they are delivering all this great high def content, including the blue ray drive, but still making you buy the nessecary stuff to hook it up. and yes hdmi is a standard cable, however not all hdtv's have hdmi. luckily mine does- but not everyone. Sony needs to recognize that and ship a component cable, which he said they are not going to do. this is the same thing as MS not shipping the hdmi cable for the 360. the options need to be there.

    ill also admit (if i have to), i am a little biased against sony. however, i will not tell someone to buy another console because of it. if they ask which one, the first thing i will ask is what kind of games they play. For me, the ps3 is a waste of money. they just dont have any games that interest me. i'm a huge fps, action, racing, arcade, simulation player and the xbox/360 does me great. if i was into rpg's and stuff like that, a ps3 would be a little more attractive.

    i also hate the fact that he (the rep) told us to guaranty the victory of blu-ray. i'm not going to do that. i dont care if they are winning or losing, if there's an alternative i cant say that to someone.

    and backwards compatibility- he said every game is backwards compatible. i called him on that because of what i've read of the ps3 using the same emulation method as the 360, and he said no, there are no games that wont work. i dont believe him but who knows.

    i blame the sony rep. lol if he wasnt so biased himself against ALL other systems that might have made a difference too. everything he said was against the 360, and most of it was bs too that everyone with any knowledge in video games would know. (did you know you couldnt charge the 360 controller w/ the play and charge kit and use it at the same time? that was one thing he said the ps3 could do that the 360 cant)

    hopefully that clears some stuff up.

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    Contributor WOWchamp's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    The fact that the representative was ignorant means beans, thats one man who hardly speaks for the entire corporation even IF thats his job.

    I do disagree that the HDMI cable quailty doesnt make a difference, monster cables are of better quailty and *should* make a difference.


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