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    yeah, i tried to edit my post to include that, but it wouldnt let me (on the hdmi quality)

    although it is a digitial signal, it's still subject to interference. i mean- look at ide cables, or other computer cables. for the most part there all digitial, but can only go over so long because of signal loss and interference. If you get a lower quality cable, although the signal will get there, you have to keep in mind what is back there to cause interference (although again it's digitial, it's still voltage levels that can be changed/influenced by these variables). like a receiver, the tv, power filter, the hdtv source itself. all those have a huge potential to cause interference on the signal, which could mean the audio might cut out, some static in the audio/video. The stronger the signal, the better the picture.

    if you using a 3 foot cable you should be good, but anything more then 6 i would recommend you spend some money on a quality cable.

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    Stick Out Tongue

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    Actually you can only say the stronger the signal the better that picture is for analog signals which takes variable voltages into consideration. For example if a purple screen were to be, lets say, a combination of color sinusoidal signals with A and B freqs. and we were to add a wide sense stationary signal, white noise, interference which can also effect one freq more than another would then change the final color/image.

    Digital only needs the signal to be within a certain threshold being
    min<= V<=max since the discrete signal is encoded and decoded by its various parts on each end does not use variable voltages to send the video/audio as analog uses. Like one of the most basic audio encodes, Pulse-code modulation, samples an audio signal encodes into binary and sends that along the cable. :?? Interference would be like if you were to hear Morse code through a speaker with white noise you can still make out the pattern of dots and dashes. Even if the pitch of the dots and dashes are effected you are only looking for the pattern in the spikes of noise much like a digital encoder. Thus digital is either 100% or nothing.

    Thats why monster cables may be good for analog signals but they still extremely overprice. They may say their Awg is higher and thus better but high Awg is only for longer cables to allow the signal to reach the end before reaching the min signal amp by having less resistance.

    Its funny that some of the high priced cables have the same IEEE number as the lower priced cables.

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    Don't get discouraged by what others say. Most of it is a combination of fanboy's (mainly of M$) and reviewers with test consoles and their biased opinions.

    The PS3 may take a little longer the FIRST time (as of in first time powering on the unit) as you have to set everything up.

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    speaking of the ps3 demo units, WE GOT OUR PS3 AND WII UNITS IN WEDNESDAY!! the ps3 was up for thursday, and the wii was up for friday.

    to my surprise, there was no line for the ps3, with the controllers dangling most of the time, however, you would be blind not to notice the line for the wii. again, in our area we are the first one to receive them, so...

    we also got our ps3 games in (dont know about wii's) and found out we are getting 2 of each ps3 (4 total, 2 cheap ones and 2 expensive ones. i thought it was 2 total)

    Now, if you (isohaven) are no longer getting a ps3 based on the reviews, then your dumb. not litterally of course (well, maybe) but get a system based on the kind's of games you play/what the system has to offer. if the ps3 truly doesnt have anything that excites you, then dont get it. if you want the games coming for it, then the choice is obvious which console you should get.

    and wowchamp, the games take that long the first time you run them, not the first time you turn it on. and when i say first time you run them, i mean first time you run the game while the data isnt on the hdd. same thing with the xbox (doom 3 again) if you play doom 3, turn it off, and turn it back on- you wont have to wait for it to copy the data to the hdd again. however, if you play doom 3, then halo 2, then doom 3 again, youll have to let the data load again (doom 3 is about a 3-5 min wait too)

    now, the difference is in the size of the ps3's hdd. i dont know how much is set aside for this information, but we were told you should be able to have 3-5 games cached on the 20gig hdd, with around 15 on the 60. so if you playing the same few games all the time, then the loads wont be an issue, however, if you get 10 games, and play them all randomly, then it will probably bug the crap out of you.

    but hey, that's just me. the graphics are better, but there arent any games on the system to justify spending 600$ on one right now. in a few years, i may get one. but right now when you cant get one anyway, i'm not gonna even bother looking at it.

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    Thumbs Up

    Excellent feedback thus far MKE! I can't wait to get mine in less than a week HEHE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    Excellent feedback thus far MKE! I can't wait to get mine in less than a week HEHE!
    You know it man, I want mine so bad I can taste it.


    I meant that the Blu-Ray movie situation is probably some joker included the time spent setting up the PS3 (you have to set it up the very first time the console is ever powered up, and then its saved) in with the time to launch the Blu-Ray movie.

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    I just got hired at BB, going to be going in for training next week. Hopefully I'll be able to see the PS3 in action once it comes in, and I'll be able to give my 2 cents on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISOHaven View Post
    As for HDMI cable quality. That $6 cable has to be bogus. Just because it's digital doesn't mean you can't degrade the signal. Case in point, run an Ethernet line over a florescent lighting unit! Granted I don't know if HDMI talks via a packet type transmission but if it does then you are going to slow that connection down with packet loss. Which might be ok for normal resolutions but if you want to squeeze out 1080p (p being the key point) then you'll want a decent cable. Anyway, the average person is going to be running the HDMI cable behind their entertainment center along side many other cables and POWER CORDS. I'm not saying you should go out and buy the best or more expensive cable but I would certainly stay away from a $6 cable!

    I want to see how long it takes the entire unit to turn on and start playing a BR movie. I heard it takes a LONG time and if that's the case then the PS3 as a BR player is totally wasted. I'll just wait for an all-in-one unit that plays both BR and HD-DVD. Then wait for the PS3 at a later date to come down in price and buy it as a game machine.
    First of all, yeah I really hope I get a unit. I preordered and all but just 10 or 11th on the list at the local gamestop.

    Second, You think you can use old ps2 accessories like the action replay memory card crusher to transfer old ps2 stuff to the ps3. If the program can access the USB drive with the memory card saves is the question I guess since then after that is just moving the saves to the virtual ps2 memory cards. I guess the adapter is only 15 bucks but still. I guess if friends come over and wanted to play some ps2 or ps1 games, if thats likely, they can use the adapter.

    Third, ISOHaven, that example is totally wrong for many reasons. For one, who has a florescent light back there and keeps it on. There is a reason why manuals for computer and electronic equipment talk about keeping their electronics from high noise sources like that. Two, at least in my last post I stated the signal must be within the threshold, no one said the signal can't degrade, which fluorescents totally floods the signal with noise beyond the thresholds. Three, what sort of shielding does that ethernet cable have? Even my cheap hdmi has double shielding with Ferrite Cores which ethernet cables usually don't unless added by the installer or user. There's more but I'll just to the final reason that can't be disputed is if IEEE number on the cable, UL number, and yes, even the manufacturer's SKU is the same as on the cheap $6-8 cable as it is on the $40+ cables, they are the same. One thing I never said before is that you should make sure it is has the HDMI certification for the resolution you are wanting it to run at or risk having signal problems. As I said before you cant think about digital cabling the same way as analog cabling.

    Oh and also I did read about someone trying out the Bluray movie player on the ps3 and they said Talladega Nights loaded up in a few seconds and menu responds is of a standard dvd standalone player. They also said you can ff up to 120x to watch an entire movie in a minute .

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    Also, a pretty sweet thing most people might not know, BluRay uses java for their menus.

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    Man.. I'm reading all this info on PS3 and all I can think of is the poosible exploits! JAVA on BD. Open Platform on PS3. And user upgradeable HDD. Someone donate a PS3 to me so I can do some testing.


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