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Thread: I found a potential fix for the load screen freeze

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    Gunner54 Guest
    it only frozen once on me. while i was driving around. I have completed the game now. It has a good ending but when it frozen i turned my PS3 off turned it back on. Deleted the game data NOT THE SAVE. and loaded up GTA again. It installed the game data back onto the HDD and its been fine ever since.

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    farah9 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by arlyn View Post
    This is a terrible idea. It's the complete opposite of what rockstar recommends when it comes to saving (they recommend turning auto-save off and only manually saving). The game only autosaves after missions. if you hunted down all 200 pigeons in a row, it wouldn't autosave, and you'd have to do it again.

    It's a better idea to unlink your PSN ID to the Rockstar Social Club. You could end up doing that process every single time you turn off your ps3 and want to play again.
    Actually if I remember correctly it only started playing up on me when I manually saved, as I mentioned in another thread I played for 3 days with no trouble, then I recall doing a manual save then next time I played it started freezing. Now I have to sign out everytime I play which means no online play.

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