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Thread: I Can confirm PS2 swap trick on PS3 on fw 2.35

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    maiquelrinco Guest

    Cool I Can confirm PS2 swap trick on PS3 on fw 2.35

    Hi guys,

    I open my PS3 drive and put an original PS2 Game, i wait the PS3 load the PS2 original disc and before it i change the original PS2 game by one PS2 backup and the game loads... wow!!! With PS3 backups i got the error of operation failed when I try this method.

    I'm right now looking for some information about load PS3 backups, I have BD Drive Burner DL and Blue Ray Discs RW to test, if someone can help me...

    I hope made some contribution,

    Living in Easter Island, Chile
    Brazilian Guy

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    footylad Guest
    Great news, thanks for your progress, thanks for your help in the PS3 Scene, is this on a retail console or debug out of intrest?


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    maiquelrinco Guest
    Hi. This is a retail US console.

    I will try to boot PS3 backup game replacing the original file PARAM.SFO on the PS3_GAME directory with one file from one original game and try swap trick with one original PS3 GAME. What do you think about ?


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    Gzaraptor Guest
    first, thank you for your trick to boot ps2 games easily

    Try to replace the PARAM.SFO like you said, or some .self from the original game.

    Use old games like RFOM beacuse the new ones uses other "protection".

    Good luck and say something....

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    viewtonic Guest
    Thanks for the Tip, I'll try it on my retail (UK).

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    fransua1981 Guest
    You need a Swap Magic 3.6 DVD for run backups ps2 games

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    Poraemon Guest

    Are you mod any switch on your console?

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    maiquelrinco Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by fransua1981 View Post
    You need a Swap Magic 3.6 DVD for run backups ps2 games

    You can confirm that swap magic 3.6 dvd I can play PS2 backups in my PS3 ? what firmware do you test it?


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    maiquelrinco Guest
    I test in my PS3 swap trick modifying the PARAM.SFO and put it in a PS3 Backup Disc at the same place and burning it in a blue ray disc RW, I use the PARAM.SFO from RFCOM and I get the same error to play PS3 Backups. "Operation Failed"

    Sorry but we need to waiting for some good news..

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    caliche2000 Guest
    i would like to be able to do that, problem is i have a 40gb ps3.

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