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    Hysteria Project is Now Available on PSP and PS3 Minis via PSN

    Sanuk Games Manager Yan Marchal has announced that starting today PlayStation Hysteria Project is now available on both PSP and PS3 Minis via PSN.

    To quote: Today we are releasing the "Minis" version of an award-winning horror game: Hysteria Project.

    In Hysteria Project, YOU are the hero! Step into the shoes of the main character and take part in an unforgettable adventure! Will you make the right decisions and make it out in one piece?

    Hysteria Project is a groundbreaking gaming experience where you are the hero of an entirely filmed adventure. Keep a sharp eye on what's going on around you and make the right choices at the right time. Have you got the guts to be next on the list?

    The original version of Hysteria Project, released by Bulkypix, won the "Revelation 2009" Milthon award in Paris, and was praised by fans of new experiences and thrill-seekers.

    Levi Buchanan of IGN.com wrote: "HYSTERIA PROJECT reminded me of those old FMV games I used to play on my SEGA CD as a guilty pleasure - but this one only cost me two bucks for the same level of enjoyment".

    Hysteria Project is available today for PSP and PS3 at the price of € 1.49 / 1.24.

    For more information about our games, please visit our Web site. And to get first-hand information about our future releases, please follow us on Facebook.

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    proskopina Guest


    it looks like an interesting game!! thanks BOSS for sharing!!!

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    Okiri Guest
    Looks really cool, but I feel like this is those kind of games that are really short.

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