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    Hulu on PS3: This Video is Not Available on Your Platform

    The PlayStation 3 has kept access to Hulu even without PlayOn or other workaround while others were blocked, with the exception of its own remote friendly desktop software, thanks to its browser's Flash support.

    However, this morning multiple users have reported the above message indicating "Unfortunately, this video is not available on your platform.

    To quote: Some odd glitch related to the recent PS3 2.80 Firmware update or other temporary problem, or is this the latest platform to get the Boxee treatment when trying to bring streaming video to TV screens?

    We've reached out to Hulu for an explanation but so far, haven't heard a response.

    Interestingly, the Hulu TOS was just updated as of June 26, and although we haven't found any PS3-specific passages, changing a browser's user-string to match the console reveals it is definitely being specifically blocked.

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    I'm denied on version 2.76

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    At least PlayOn is still working.

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    What I think is happening is a direct block of PS3s for copyright reasons. Hulu after all has a lot of material that is copyrighted.

    This is most likely because the PS3 has flash 9 and that allows it to view the site. All it would take is some one with a VCR.

    Check the Wii also now that I think about it.

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