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Thread: Hulu Addresses Blocking PlayStation 3, Cites Tough Decisions

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    Hulu Addresses Blocking PlayStation 3, Cites Tough Decisions

    Nearly three weeks ago it was reported that PS3 users who tried to access Hulu received a "This Video is Not Available on Your Platform" error message.

    Since then, there have been rumors on why it's blocked, a Hulu on PS3 Workaround, and even Sony's Director commented that "Hulu's not working right now and I'm not really sure why."

    Today G4TV (linked above) is reporting that the PlayStation 3 problem appears to be linked to a legal issue with a Hulu content provider.

    To quote: "Everything we do is with an eye toward achieving our long-term goal of maximizing the content you can access as conveniently as possible in a way that 'works' for the content owner," reads the response I received from customer service.

    "In the short-term that may require us to make some tough decisions, but we only do so when we believe it improves our long-term prospects to build a more enduring, legal solution to that same problem."

    "Distribution availability across platforms -- theaters vs. TV vs. recorded media like DVDs vs. online streaming vs. mobile phones -- was always implicitly or explicitly controlled in that world."

    "But a few factors have made the barriers between those platforms more permeable: the rise of the web, increased broadband availability, the ease of digitizing video, and the increase in the computing power of devices like gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and mobile phones."

    "However, in the near-term," says Hulu, "the windowing strategy is still dominant in the business. Billions of dollars flow in across these different windows, and entire companies are organized around them. Nothing productive comes from flouting that reality (except to law firms who work on the occasional lawsuit)."

    "We hear your frustration, and solving it remains our full-time job," concludes the note from Hulu.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    It may just be me, but what was the legal issue? I couldn't find a single time they mentioned it in the article...

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    Chivafighter Guest

    i cant find it either...

    i cant find the legal issue either. its weird, i was thinking that they just dont see the ps3 as a reliable source of people watching shows and things. But that still shouldnt be something to block out the video service for the ps3.

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    Ya, it's vague at best. It could be in part due to the recent Hulu ToS change (, or as some on G4TV are speculating due to content owner rights vs broadcast rights may not allow for digital distribution in some markets.

    They are basically saying the response received from Hulu implies a content partner of Hulu has them caught in a legal hook at the moment.

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    Starlight Guest
    Sounds like a load of something and won't mention the word.. to me, as i see no legal issue on it either.

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    tilla Guest
    Hulu is and remains a pile of crap due to the tight tight control they put over who can watch what. I can't watch hulu PS3 or otherwise unless I use slow crappy proxy software that makes it not worthwhile anyway because I live in Canada.

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    otarumx Guest
    I believe the problem stems from the PSN Video Store, since some of the shows that stream on Hulu are for sale or rent on the PSN Store by airing them for free over Hulu it would create a legal problem because of lost sales on the platform.

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    semitope Guest
    Its the same drm BS thats everywhere. Some company whines that they arent milking the customers enough because of some limitation or feature and ask the service provider to put in something that will maximize their profits.

    Its a bit obvious in what they say, its the same situation you have with hdcp. Being able to play certain things on certain things only so the person who owns that device is in on the dough.

    On one hand i think its lame on the other i laugh at sony for gettin hit by the drm.

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    banksc Guest
    The question that needs to be answered is 'why only the PS3'? The comment about a conflict with the PSN makes some sense, but anyone can do the same on their PC, but that is not being blocked... something smells fishy. ...or very possibly, I am missing something.

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    tragedy Guest
    The conspiracy theories about Microsoft have been abandoned now, haven't they? ...

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