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Thread: How to Share Downloaded Content from the PlayStation Store

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    chrisc50 Guest

    How to Share Downloaded Content from the PlayStation Store

    To share games downloaded from the PlayStation Store on up to 5 PS3 systems for most games and add-ons all you need to do is create a new user on your system and go to sign-up for PSN and use an existing account.

    Just enter your friend's sign-in info then it should say "thank you for signing up" with their name. Then go to the PlayStation Store and click on downloads and just download what you like!

    Once the download starts, you can sign off their name and it will continue to download once you sign back to your account. Enjoy!

    On a related note, be sure to check for the latest PSN links. You can click on the column headings to sort by PSN Title, Date Added, Region and Type. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I added the last part in, just to remind folks here of the site... but +Rep for the effort in writing the rest chrisc50!

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    This is whats going to keep the prices of the PSN games up! people - this is almost as bad as pirating.

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    Bamber Guest
    You're allowed to share content with up to five users! (On most downloads, full games don't usually let you, though.)

    Not piracy at all...

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    sorceror Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bamber View Post
    You're allowed to share content with up to five users! (On most downloads, full games don't usually let you, though.)
    Is there an easy way to tell what's shareable and what isn't?

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    I created a second account and entered my friends PSN stuff and downloaded Super Rub a Dub. Now when i login with my main account on my PS3 i can't see the game

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    chrisc50 Guest

    which games sharable

    i have found that when you look at a game when you are buying the colum on right that tells all info the very bottom tells you if it can be shared or not i have successfully downloaded warhawk from a friend as well as many rockband song tracks and the cod4 mappack i have not had any other friends with other games to try so anygames found to be sarable plz post i would love some if anyone would like to share with me for finding this out thanks guys love the site!

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    gingerbytes Guest
    additional info, just be sure that you DO NOT delete the local user account you used to download the PSN game on your unit, otherwise you will get an error (forgot the exact) and you wont be able to run the game. But in case you deleted the user account, all you need to do is to create the same account, then go to PSN then ACTIVATE the game, no need to re-download it. HTH.

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    Coolie4 Guest
    if you own a ps3 and didnt know about this already: shame on you!

    to clarify, you can share just about anything downloadable from psn, including things not in the store (beta invites and such). for games that have a blu ray version out as well as a downloadable version (burnout, warhawk...) you need to have not only the owners account saved, but also there password. so if they change there password, then it will no longer be able to work.

    also, for all DLC, it needs to be from the region of your game. So if you imported soul calibur from japan, the downloadable content must be from the japan servers.

    as far as which games are shareable, its a safe bet to assume all games are shareable. ive yet to come across one that wasn't.

    this is indeed legal, and sony will no way infract you for sharing games. they built the store to work that way. its a nice little addition in my opinion.

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    chrisc50 Guest


    coolie4 is correct you must save their login info on your system and almost all games work, sorry i forgot to add that in

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