BitTorrent gives access to a large and growing amount of software, video files, music files, and more.

Transmission is a torrent client that works ok in ppc, but the repositories only offer version .71 or something like that. Many torrent sites require you to use a much newer version of the client, so I provide here a little help on how to use this latest version of Transmission.

First, visit the transmission website HERE. Download the latest version (.92 as of this writing) of the SOURCE CODE (just click HERE for their download). Be sure to click 'SAVE TO DISK', otherwise by default YDL will try to open it with something called 'file-roller' which is NOT what you want. Download it to your desktop, and right click on the file, choose 'extract here'. It will make a folder called "transmission-.92". Open terminal, and type (without the quote " marks)
"cd Desktop/transmission-0.92"
[you'll see screen fulls of junk as it builds the executable.. Near the end you'll that it built the gtk version of this client.. that's what we'll run later, for now go on to the next step]
"./make -s"

Ok, we're almost done.. On your desktop open the gtk folder (inside the transmission-.92 folder) .. in their you'll find an executable file called transmission (pretty purple icon), this is your executable! Right click and choose make link, then find the link you just made and drag it to your desktop (it will be labeled "link to transmission", has that pretty purple icon, and a little arrow on it too). Now, just double-click the link on your desktop and the app will run.

Time to go get some torrent files!

One big recommendation, is to be sure to move all your extracted files from your downloaded torrents to an external drive. YDL has a way of needing reinstalled pretty often, and you will lose all your downloads whenever this happens. I tell you from experience...

Have fun, and please only download LEGAL content (yeah, right).

If you need a place for torrent files, try google, or ask friends.