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    HOW-TO get yum working on YDL 5.0 (for bluetooth, etc)

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    After doing a bit of research, it turns out you can point the repository to the DVD which should fix the problem:


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    Do you have any idea if the online yum repositories will be open to the public after the main release date? I tried to install a bunch of files myself but the dependencies ended up being too much.

    Also, would pointing the yum.conf file to "http://ftp.yellowdoglinux.com/pub/yellowdog/yum/4.0/base/" fix anything temporarily? I have no idea if the older versions were used on PPC or not. I think I'm going to wait up for the change anyways, but it might help some people if it ends up working. I know a lot of old 4.0 installations work on 5.0.
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    Yes, from what I read the 5.0 repositories should be public any day now.

    RE: 4.0 packages: I am wondering this myself. I would think most should work, but you would have to force install them. (yum --help)

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    It would b amazing if sum1 made a detaild step by step guide on how to install using yum on ps3, preferably Bluez

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    I could write up the step by step, but I am not sure if it will work. I can see my apple mightymouse BT when I search, but it wont connect. Ill try getting a less secure BT mouse and then I can write it up. Basically all you should need to do it edit the conf files like the post above says, then use add/remove programs to install the bluez package, then reboot.

    useful commands (sudo or su to execute as root):
    hcitool scan
    hidd --connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

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    see, im clueless, i have never used linux before and i have no idea what to do, basically i downloaded the files from the bluez page and now i coppied them to my PS3 HDD, i logged in as root, and now i dont know what to do, i dont know what i have to edit and everything like that, this is what i meant by step by step, basically, and idiots guide on how to install stuff... if someone can help, i'd be greatful!!


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