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    MichaelR Guest

    How to get files on the HDD?

    Have there been any recent exploits to get files on the HDD? By recent, I mean in the last few months.. and if there were, could I get guidance?

    Thanks to whoever answers me!

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    Apr 2005
    Your best bet is to search... the PS3 HDD is encrypted and what could be read of the file structure was posted, followed by a method to decrypt files from the HDD and a few tools to do it.

    However, none of the above is recent (it took place a year or two ago) and the method/tools aren't end-user friendly (meaning 95% of the people viewing this won't ever use them) so to answer: no, nothing more recent has been posted in terms of PS3 HDD file exploits.

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    MichaelR Guest
    Wow, now I'm pretty much stuck. Thank you!

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