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    Quote Originally Posted by tifozi1 View Post
    Also MAC based access control has been going on for years and is nothing new. Even the basic home router has the capability to provision only user selected/ approved MACs.
    I would Agree with that statement, You can use mac filtering in a Local Network, But I tell you what, to prove my point. Set up a Site on one of those free server deals and connect to it, Now check the log of the server it will show the ip address and mac address of the user that visited the site, Now Check that Mac Against yours, I eagerly await to see what happens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eLGrandELuca View Post
    Ok here is another BAN question. What causes the ban? I understand cheating but what type and how much tolerance do they have? I'm just asking because a friend of mine alledgedly hacked his MW2 offline profile and got banned!
    I think Sony flips a quarter and if they call heads and it lands on heads then they ban people, LOL, But serious!

    Now They hand out bans mainly for cheating, Lag Switchers and Etc, but Some people get banned for Cursing, and Etc....

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