Hothead Games Producer Mike Inglehart has confirmed today that The Baconing is hitting PSN Play on August 30, 2011.

To quote: I am really excited to be able to share some insight on our exciting and meaty game The Baconing coming out August 30th, 2011 as part of the PSN Play promotion, which runs until September 19th!

I have been lucky enough to work in the industry for over 11 years now but never did I imagine working on a game with an epic title like The Baconing! I mean, everyone loves bacon and now the fan favorite food has made its way into gaming.

The Baconing is an action RPG which stars everyone's favorite Vanquisher of Evil, DeathSpank. The story revolves around DeathSpank wearing all six Thongs of Virtue which unfortunately summons an evil version of himself in the AntiSpank.

Now our hero must seek out the Fires of Bacon and burn five of the Thongs, which will allow him to weaken and defeat the evil giant, bringing peace back to Spanktopia.

The one thing I really enjoyed about working on The Baconing is that the game does not take itself too seriously. We had a ton of laughs creating characters, quests and in the studios during the voice recordings.

Freaks & Oddities

Today I wanted to introduce you all to some of the eye-catching areas and characters in The Baconing. The game features over 100 quests, with seven sci-fi inspired environments and tons of crazy characters to meet along the way. Two of my favorite characters in the game are The Leprechaun Mob Boss and Z.I.M.O.N.

The Mob Boss heads up a group called the McMafia who reside in Rainbow's End, which is a Leprechaun Las Vegas. If you complete all of the side quests like rigging the odds on the slots, and taking out anti-gambling activists, DeathSpank becomes a made-man and part of the family. The reward is a DeathSpank inspired tribute to the Godfather film, a must-see moment.

Z.I.M.O.N. is an ancient supercomputer that regulates the climate and atmosphere in the Forbidden Zone. Equipped with obsolete technology like a 1200 baud modem and several bytes of memory, Z.I.M.O.N. has sustained barely-livable conditions since the late 70′s when he was created. When you meet Z.I.M.O.N., you will quickly notice a connection to retro portable gaming, and while it's retro you would be surprised how a game of memory can quickly ramp up.

Whether you are an existing fan or someone brand new to the DeathSpank world, you will have a blast with The Baconing. We have made tons of improvements and maintained the laugh inducing conversations that people come to love from the quest seeking hero. We created this video for you so that you get smoky, crispy taste of our mega Thongolith Myth. Enjoy!

And some cool info to pass along, if you pre-order now through August 25th you get an exclusive The Baconing PS3 Static Theme. Also when The Baconing releases you will get your hands on an additional sidekick character with Roesha - One Bad Mutha. PlayStation Plus members get a sweet 20% discount on their pre-order purchase.

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