[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3356721[/IMGW]While not particularly well received by critics, the original Silent Hill flick debuted at #1 in its opening weekend in the States last spring, which is more than we can say for a more recent game adaptation. Based on the game franchise of the same name, Silent Hill nearly doubled its budget in worldwide box office earnings, essentially guaranteeing a sequel.

However, it looks like it will have to be made without the original director and writer. When horror site ShockTilYouDrop.com talked to producer Don Carmody in April, he revealed that a sequel was indeed in the works, but likely without director Christophe Gans. "We're developing, slowly, a screenplay," said Carmody. "I don't think Christophe wants to direct it. He's involved pretty heavily in another project right now."

Gans' disinterest in continuing the franchise seems to have influenced the decision of writer Roger Avary, who last week confirmed to the website that he would not be involved in a sequel. "I'm not gonna do Silent Hill 2," said Avary. "If Christophe's not gonna do it, I'm not..."

Losing key collaborators may slow down the development process, but with Sony Pictures pulling the strings, it seems unlikely to permanently stall what could be a profitable horror franchise. The company has successfully guided the Resident Evil film franchise into a trilogy, with the third entry (Resident Evil: Extinction) hitting theaters on September 21st.

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