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    PS3 Square Button Hit Reset: How Sega Can Save Sonic the Hedgehog

    [IMGW][/IMGW] by Jeremy Parish, 02.12.2007 Remember the glory days of Sonic the Hedgehog? Once upon a time, he stood face to face with the likes of Bonk and Pac-Man and Mario himself, sneering sarcastically across the battle lines of the 16-bit console wars to remind Super NES owners that their system of choice might have a totally killer sound chip, but dang, was it slow. Mario jogged leisurely through the Mushroom Kingdom, collecting feathers and fruit and riding happy dinosaurs. Sonic, on the other hand, blasted through casinos and amazing 3D spaces, collecting golden rings and sneering at Dr. Robotnik's canniest inventions. He might have been short on depth and humility, but he was big on awesome.

    Those halcyon times, alas, are long gone. Sonic is still a pretty big name, and his adventures make good money for developer Sonic Team and publisher Sega. But these days the little blue guy is way past his prime, as proven by his new outing on Xbox 360 and PS3. (Technically speaking, Sonic the Hedgehog is what is referred to as "a debacle.") Nowadays, Sonic is only for hardcore fans living in denial and casual gamers who haven't heard that his new games totally suck.

    It's not too late for Sonic, though. We still want to love Sega's hyperactive hedgehog, and while our affection becomes more strained with each new, unplayable sequel, we're a forgiving bunch. We've come up with a simple four-step plan to help Sonic speed his way back into our hearts. Please, Sega, before it's too late.

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    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    thanks for posting, good read, poor sonic!

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    I think a public execution of sonic is the only way to improve his image now.

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    Ditto 1up, I cry in my sleep seeing what has happened to my beloved sonic over the years. PLEASE SOMEBODY REVIVE THAT POOR HEDGEHOG

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    The newest Sonic game really could have been good. It had a good campy story, good graphics (in some areas), and in a few cases, playing it was awesome. It even had co-op which is very rare for games of its type (though this was even more buggy). The problem was that these cases were few and far between, and the rest of the experiance was plagued by bugs and horrid load times. If only they had spent an extra year adding polish and fixing all the broken aspects, it could have been awesome.

    I don't think Sonic needs to die, I just think that he needs some effort put into his games, instead of simply milking them. MegaMan is to a certain extent having this issue now too.

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