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Thread: Hirai: PS3 Motion Controller is Slated for a Spring 2010 Launch

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    Zoddi Guest
    Natal didn't suprise me because every a microsoft man is sitting beside and nobody asked what he is doing.
    I'm fine with Sony and Nintendo solution because i think you need buttons too and jumping around with the standard MS controller as the stated in an interview would be the worst solution.

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    Shrink Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zoddi View Post
    Natal didn't suprise me because every a microsoft man is sitting beside and nobody asked what he is doing.
    That's not true. People could test it already.
    Besides: In RL you don't need buttons for skateboarding/sports/fighting etc as well.

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    semitope Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
    Sony just failed to take one step forward! The same thing can be done on the Wii.

    There is no really big advantage. Even though I'm a Sony fanboy I'm pretty disappointed.

    Look at Microsoft. Natal has been tested in the last 2 days by devs and the media. They have proven this thing to work wonderfully. It's a REAL step forward.

    Now look at Sony... What do they come up with?! Another Wii-Mote-Plus! Thanks but no thanks.
    The eyetoy already tracks a persons body movement to control a game, anything i have seen natal do can be replicated on the eyetoy with a bit less accuracy (MS copied sony? I believe sony was the first with the eyetoy concept)). The new controller for sony has been demoed at Gamescon and i believe they showed it being used well in games. Also the wii cannot do the same thing, it has limited sensitivity and accuracy; dont you wonder why so many times you just flick the controller one way or another for the wii? The motion plus helps but its still not as accurate.

    In the end it will be which system is more fun to use and which costs less to use. I doubt either of these controllers will be a game changer, but I might be wrong. Can never gauge the effect of the casual gamer

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    They are all gimmicks to get a share of the money Nintendo is making. A real step forward would have been something NEW, not essentially the same thing that I would rather not spend another $50-100 on.

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    GameWinner Guest
    i hope the ps3 doesnt become a more powerful wii i dont even like wii.. also i hope this motion controller doesnt cost the same as the eyetoy now because i have to one so i can use the controller.

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Isn't the whole point of gaming to relax and not flail your arms out in front of you making it seem like your racing a car when really all your doing is looking like an idiot, both the products are gimmicks, Natal will be very unresponsive (that is a fact live with it), and Sony's Motion Controller will be slightly more responsive but otherwise just as bad, not to mention the fact that the Wii has something similar to this already.

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    EvolZero Guest


    I can't wait for Sony's motion control! Natal hasn't really impressed me at all, just looks like rehashed PS2 eyetoy demos

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