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    Hirai: PS3 controller "not the final model"

    In a recent interview, Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment's global president, talked about the PlayStation 3 controller and what the company has in store for it. Now that Sony and Immersion have reached an agreement over rumble, the two companies are working together on enhancements to PlayStation controllers. Hirai was asked when the gaming community would see the fruits of that partnership.

    Consumers have expressed their desire in seeing Immersion's rumble in the controller and Hirai has confirmed that it is "something that we're obviously looking at". Calling the PS3 controller an "evolving peripheral", Hirai also mentioned that they were looking into a lot of other things they can throw into it, "it's not the final model for a PS3 controller, so we'll see what comes down the road."

    While Sony may be a bit mum about things right now, Hirai promised that "we'll come out with announcements when we think we have the right mix of features for the PS3 controller." We can't wait for the day that they do.

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    great news

    i only have one controller and wait for the v2, because i don't want to waste money...^^

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