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    Hidden Mini-Game called Death Orb discovered in Qore!

    Shortly after the premiere of PS3 Network's Qore, a hidden mini-game called Death Orb was found.

    When you are on the "Main Menu" in Qore hit the L2 button and it will take you to a hidden arcade game called DEATH ORB.

    Its very similar to pong, you could call it a next-gen version of pong.

    Rules: Games to 7. Loser servers. Use the X button to protect your goal and serve.

    The game supports Single and Two-Player.

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    yeah i stumbled across this game too. i don't even remember clicking L2... it just came up randomly... i was like "sweet!" but anyways, this game is hard as hell lol. i can never get the opponent to lose (only made him lose once) but it would prolly be much easier playing it on multiplayer (against a friend or something).

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