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    Help! Needed with EA NASCAR 08 connection

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    For 7 days now i have been getting the run around by EA SPORTS Tech support (tier 2) and ATT Tech Support (tier 2). if anyone know anything about packet loss or what this log from a trace route i ran who i can say for sure if causing my connection problem to ea. Any help would ge greatly appreciated..

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    Looks like EA has a crap server or connection, seen a similar thread in the xbox360 chat. call EA and find out what ports need to be open if you have a router.

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    thats the scary part the ports ARE open no router just a sbc 2wire dsl modem (5 MB/s) and the have tried forwarding ports and when that didnt help i tried DMZ Plus mode (accepts all traffic) ea says its my isp and my isp says its EA.. Almost makes ya wanna stick a fork in someones eye

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    I can't find the topic now but that is the exact thing that was told to the other person who called EA for the Xbox 360 version. Really think it is an EA server issue, not u or your ISP.

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    That's what im leaning towards myself if they can help me. im gonna make them take the game back for a refund or a trade for another game since i cant return it to wal-mart cause its been opened and they think i made copies of it. :hitw

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    Good luck. I doubt they will let you return it though.

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    This kind of thing usually happens the first week of a new game's release. Give it a couple of days or so and it should settle down a bit. It seems to be a bit more common with EA's games though, since they insist on using their own servers. Granted for PS3 they have to. I'm sure they'll sort it out though, they usually do.

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    well ive been doing some investigating and if you notice my first post (with the log) sbc and the at&t servers are losing packets, and the one with ip seems like it could be a router down inline.

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    It looks very much like that yes. It's right before you get to EA too, so by the looks of it it's something that might be out of both your ISPs and EA's control. I hope it gets resolved and you get get online and race soon though.

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    your not the only one... if i knew a way to reach that server by making different hops it might work, but how to do that is beyond me. any suggestions?


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