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Thread: Hello From A XBOX 360 User

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    baqai Guest

    Hello From A XBOX 360 User

    Umm okay i know this is not the best topic to start off in a new forum but what the heck.

    I am XBOX 360 user for past one year or so, and since the day ps3 was launched i always had in mind that when mgs 4 is close to launch i will buy ps3, where i come from xbox 360 is more popular than ps3. I am from Karachi Pakistan and ordering online is not something i can use.

    So here i am out in market for a ps3, i went to couple of local shops and was offered both 80gb and 40gb of the console, i have few question regarding making my choice

    - the versions available here are not bundled with any game or movie, i.e. 80gb is not with motorstorm and 40gb is not with spidermen3, shopkeeper told me that bundled stock was old and new stock is not coming bundled, is he pulling a fast one on me or is that true?

    - I was told not to go for the 40gb coz future mods/hacks/exploits would be done using a memory card (or something to that extent) and obviously it is not present in the 40gb version. My question again isn't it possible to attach an external card reader to achieve the same results? i have this feeling that the person BS'ing me

    - Kindly recommend me some titles to check, i don't want titles which are already on 360, i have unchartered in mind

    p.s i ain't a fanboi i respect both the consoles and therefore going to own one

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    You have been given incorrect information, so anyone telling you one is better than the other for PS3 mods/hacks/exploits is purely speculating. If you feel the need to believe them, then get the 80GB but it's a personal choice so good luck.

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    IanJ Guest

    If your budget can extend to it. Go for the 80gb. The additional ports and drive space are handy to have. As PS3NEWS has already stated, so far there are no exploits in the public domain.

    Check out some of the other threads on the forums. In particular the top ten PS3 titles one. I think you should find all the info you need there.

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