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    Hello World... PlayStation 3!!!

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    Update #4: After having another day with my PS3 to experiment, check HERE for my latest findings along with 20+ new pictures too!

    Update #3: For those interested, the official PS3 Safety And Support User Manual and PS3 Quick Reference User Manual are now available for download in PDF file format. Also, we added four more PSP RipKits today you can access by clicking the 'Read More...' link below.

    Update #2: I spent the last few hours unpacking my PS3 and took several screenshots which are available along with an initial examination and review HERE (added some new PSP news as well there). More to come as I find freetime this weekend to experiment further and dive deeper into the PS3!

    Update: I will periodically UPDATE throughout the weekend, and although I haven't even opened the PS3 console box yet, I have opened the PS3 game I got with it up- namely Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. Here are some pics of it for those interested (I would have scanned it, but I don't have a scanner available so unfortunately I'm stuck with a regular digital camera): UL: DK Case Front, UL: DK Case Back, UL: DK Case Open, UL: DK Disc Front, UL: DK Disc Back, and UL: DK Disc Inner-Ring. For reference, the back of the PS3 game disc appears similar to a regular DVD-style disc... it does not contain any unique 'grooves' but it does contain a PlayStation 3 hologram, some numbers, and an encoded bar code around the center ring (likely containing the Disc ID data).

    <a href="http://www.ps4news.com/news/PS3_Retail.jpg" target="_blank"></a> And so 11/17 has finally arrived! Many are the cold, the wet, the disappointed... my local BestBuy had over 1000 dedicated souls waiting in their parking lot, with only 32 PS3 consoles available when the clock struck three. Those who waited in line for hours and even days prior were forced to leave the premises by police prior to 3AM (no idea why it wasn't 12AM as many retailers launched at... it definitely didn't deter anyone from waiting). Everyone was informed that it would be first-come, first-serve ONLY and as the magical hour approached the masses poured into the parking lot from the property line on all boundaries... running across the parking lot, coming out of bushes, and naturally chaos ensued.

    As mentioned in our Site News last month, I was fortunate enough not to be one of those above. I managed to get one of only four Pre-Orders from my local shop- the coveted 60GB PS3 console! It's VERY tempting to EBay it, however, as I purchased it today the store manager informed me that they didn't know when they would be getting more in- and it could very well be after Christmas. With that in mind, running PS3News.com just wouldn't be the same without actually owning a PS3 console so I've decided to keep it.

    Over the weekend I will dedicate a lot of time to unpacking it, adding LOTs of pictures, and hopefully even a PS3 Disassembly Tutorial to our Web site along with testing Swap Magic, HD Advance, USB Extreme (very excited about this one- it seems to have the most benefits thus far), and other pressed unlicensed PS2 software on the PS3! We'd LOVE to hear from others who also got a PS3 today, so please feel free to share your stories, experiments, etc in our PS3 Chat Forum... more to come soon!

    In PSP news today, chunglam has shared with us CSO Cache System And WiFi Support Mod r1 For PSP. From the ReadMe file:
    Thanks to AhMan's new nethostfs modules, I added WIFI support to CSO cache system of my mod. Since AhMan prefer I bundle his modules after IRSELL 2.2SE public release, this archive only includes my modules and you have to be IRSHELL 2.2SE beta tester to get those modules. Please follow the readme.txt instructions and copy nethostfs.prx, nethostfs_dev.prx and netuser.prx from your IRSHELL 2.2SE BETA package to "ms0:/dh/kd".
    Next up, we have some more new PSP RipKits as follows:

    MeetJoeBlacK has shared with us a Thrillville (USA) PSP Fix today, and apcarr has shared a SEGA Genesis Collection (USA) 426MB + 377MB PSP RipKit for those interested.

    hjacked shared a Mortal Kombat Unchained (USA) 296MB PSP RipKit, jas0nuk shared a SEGA Genesis Collection (USA) 377MB PSP RipKit, skirocket shared a SEGA Genesis Collection (USA) Custom PSP RipKit, and SiGGi shared a Sonic Rivals (USA) PSP RipKit v1.3.

    apcarr has shared with us both a Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (USA) 134MB + 127MB PSP RipKit and a Sonic Rivals (USA) 190MB + 100MB PSP RipKit today.

    Finally, MeetJoeBlacK has shared a Asterix And Obelix XXL 2 (EUR) PSP Fix, and TheGame1594 has released a Mortal Kombat Unchained (USA) 670MB PSP RipKit today. Enjoy!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    Untold_Legends_DK_PS3_Case_Front.jpg   Untold_Legends_DK_PS3_Case_Back.jpg   Untold_Legends_DK_PS3_Case_Open.jpg   Untold_Legends_DK_PS3_Disc_Front.jpg   Untold_Legends_DK_PS3_Disc_Back.jpg  


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    OK, I finally unpacked my PS3 and took some pictures of the process for those who have yet to see it in detail. Each picture is labeled, so just click on the thumbnail below to view it full size.

    Once unpacked, I turned it and and selected a user name, set the date/time, and the other stuff you get hassled with upon initial boot-up. Screenshots of this process will follow tomorrow, but moving on for now I tested the following thus far:

    HD Advance - works (boots to application)
    HD Loader - works (boots to application)
    USB Extreme - works (boots to application)
    HD Extreme (basically same software as above) - works (boots to application)
    Swap Magic CD/DVD - works (boots to application, allows for TOC refresh, supports original PS2 Imports, possibly launch ELFs using it via USB too)
    GameShark 2 - works (boots to application)
    Breaker Pro - works (boots to application, supports original PSOne Imports)
    Action Replay Max - doesn't work? (boots to red/orange screen and idles)

    Note: The AR Max is a blue-bottomed CD, perhaps the PS3 has an issue with reading these or it's simply my disc is aging itself. Also, although most of the above applications load on the PS3, there still is no way at the moment to swap undetected for your back-up disc so they aren't too useful just yet.

    Initial Likes about PS3:

    1) Browser- a lot like PSP, so I'm used to it. Definitely a step in the right direction.

    2) The iPod-style controls to turn the PS3 On/Off/Eject Disc. They take a minute to get used to, but once you do it's nice to be able to glide your finger over them without having to press down to perform the functions.

    3) The WiFi controller itself- first time using one, it is indeed convenient!

    4) The possibilities- USB Extreme, for example, may be able to run PS2 games off a USB drive since it loads on the PS3. As a brief test, I used the USBE Format Utility to format my 128MB jumpdrive and the PS3 recognized it as a storage device. However, once loaded in USB Extreme it didn't appear to detect the device even when I tried reformatting through the application. This may be a simple driver issue, an error on my part, or something more complex... but the PS3 USB ports are 2.0 (versus 1.1 for the PS2) so if I get it working it will make a nice addition! More on this soon as I have freetime to experiment further...

    Initial Dislikes about PS3:

    1) The case- not only is the PS3 heavy/bulky, but fingerprints will get on it the minute you take it out of the box. Perhaps this is $ony's new way of catching those who send in chipped/modded units for repair and identifying them? JK!

    2) The missing standard PS2 MemoryStick slot, and the short PS3 to WiFi controller charging cord.

    3) Games require Firmware updates just to load them (my Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom requires me to update- see pictures below) from stock v1.00 to v1.02 Firmware... I have yet to do this, the update is on the disc and it prompts you upon selecting it from the menu). The current Firmware version is 1.10 so perhaps 1.02 isn't bad, however, 1.00 is the original and one ponders the possible ramifications of updating past that. :??

    4) The price- $599 is a LOT for anything in life, let alone a PS3!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PS3_Box_Front.jpg   PS3_Box_Back.jpg   PS3_Box_Opening.jpg   PS3_Box_Looking_Inside.jpg   PS3_Box_Contents.jpg  

    PS3_Box_Contents_Unpacked.jpg   PS3_Talladega_Nights_Bundled_Blu-ray_Movie.jpg   Firmware_Update_Nag_Prompt.jpg   PS3_Profile.jpg   USB_Extreme_Error.jpg  

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    Stick Out Tongue

    Some more PS3 pictures for those interested!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PS3_FCC_ID_Sticker.jpg   PS3_Front.jpg   PS3_Back.jpg   PS3_Bottom.jpg   PS3_Back_Turned_Over.jpg  

    PS3_Left_Side.jpg   PS3_Right_Side.jpg   PS3_Card_Readers_And_USB_Ports.jpg   PS3_Control_Panel.jpg   PS3_HDD_Access_Panel.jpg  

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    PS3 Square Button

    PS3 pictures continued...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PS3_60GB_HDD.jpg   PS3_60GB_HDD_Closer.jpg   PS3_60GB_HDD_Removed.jpg   PS3_HDD_Storage_Bay.jpg   PS3_Propeganda_Screen.jpg  

    PS3_Save_Data_Utility.jpg   PS3_PSP-Style_Game_Menu_Screen.jpg  

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    After having another day to experiment with my PS3 the following is what I can report thus far:

    - The PS3 won't allow you to do anything if you don't have the HDD installed (see picture below).

    - HD Loader (HD Advance) receives a hardware error (see picture below) after launch as the PS3 is similar to the PSTwo (v12+) so it would likely require an automan fix or HD Connect in order to function properly.

    - Both USB Extreme and the Swap Magic ELF Launcher appear to require updated USB drivers in order to fully function. Although both boot-up on the PS3, neither recognizes the USB jump drive despite it being properly formatted and recognized by the PS3 browser menu (see pictures below). This may be the result of the Hyper visor (refer to diagram below) or perhaps updated USB drivers are simply required (Success-HK management have been notified and their engineers are going to examine this further I've been told)... time will tell.

    - For PS3 Internal Memory Cards, you can save 120kb (15 blocks) of PS1 format data and up to 7998kb of PS2 format data (displayed in the pics below).

    - In order to run my PS3 Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom game I get prompted (see picture below) upon selecting the disc to update to Firmware v1.02 or later. As mentioned previously, the PS3 currently ships with stock v1.00 Firmware on it, and as tempting as it is to upgrade to play the game I'm still holding off... at least for awhile yet anyway.

    - Still haven't had the urge to remove the warranty seal just yet in order to open up the PS3 for internal examination. Those who don't wish to wait on me can check DailyTech.com for their thorough PS3 autopsy which includes replacing the stock drive with a 320GB drive that works with no known issues! Cool stuff indeed!

    - No new progress yet with imaging PS3 game discs. Although our Blu-Ray ($ony) drive reads Blu-Ray movies perfectly, it will not read/recognize PS3 games under any Windows imaging application thus far- including Nero, iSOBuster, etc. The next step is to attempt a raw data dump via Linux so that we can then work on deciphering the filesystem differences (if any) and begin to publish PS3 game FileList.txt files here. However, we have not yet ruled out the possibility that $ony deliberately blocked PS3 game discs from their Blu-Ray PC drives... more to come soon!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PS3_HD_Loader_Nag_Prompt.jpg   PS3_No_HDD_Nag_Prompt.jpg   PS3_PS1_Memory_Card_Creation_Screen.jpg   PS3_PS2_Memory_Card_Creation_Screen.jpg   PS3_Update_Nag_Prompt.jpg  

    PS3_Update_Nag_Prompt_2.jpg   PS3_USB_Jump_Drive_Recognition_Screen.jpg   PS3_Boot-Up_Logo_Screen.jpg   PS3_SCE_Splash_Screen.jpg   PS3_Hyper_visor_Diagram.jpg  

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    PS3 pictures continued...
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    PS3_SCE_Splash_Screen.jpg   PS3_Controller_Connection_Prompt.jpg   PS3_Language_Selection_Screen.jpg   PS3_Time_Zone_Selection_Screen.jpg   PS3_Time_And_Date_Selection_Screen.jpg  

    PS3_User_Name_Selection_Screen.jpg   PS3_User_Name_Selection_Screen_2.jpg   PS3_Set-Up_Finalization_Screen.jpg   PS3_Screensaver_Screen.jpg   PS3_System_Information_Screen.jpg  


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