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    Big Grin Hello World.. LittleBigPlanet!

    hello everyone.. i'm mikeY...

    so today i walked into a video game store here in soCAL and looked around the new game section and ran into this!!!!....

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    Looks like many retailers plan to break the street date, eh? hehe

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    maybe a mistake?... if so I GOT LUCKY!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Looks like many retailers plan to break the street date, eh? hehe
    In Poland this game was available on 14th October :P

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    I recently walked into my local gamestop and they told me that the game wasnt to be released until the end of the month ?? but congrats on getting it... i hear mainly good things about the game... however hopefully the mobility of characters will be fixed in later updates

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    the game is awesome..

    the servers are down.. so im only playing 1 player..

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    Wow, very lucky. I wish I was you.

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    I got a leaked copy of LittleBigPlanet !!

    Hey guys, so I managed to get my hands on Sackboy a little sooner than expected! While for the rest of the world, the game was recently delayed, for me it happened to be quite the opposite!

    I got a Retail US copy of LittleBigPlanet from my local importer today .. says, he has had it since yesterday ! Apparently, the game has been released in Middle Eastern countries for some reason! So if you want LittleBigPlanet now, you know what to do

    Here are some pictures of my copy..

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    wow thats amazing that they pulled the game again ... until 2 weeks now.. wtf

    i want to play with people already!...

    its awesome i have the game with the mess up in it.. lol

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    That's lucky for you, I wish I had one although it's not long delayed. It is to be re-shipped in US at least beginning the 27th October, I haven't heard yet about over here in EU though.

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