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    PS3 Square Button Hello Unreal Tournament 3

    January 25, 2007 - Punching home a message that Midway is coming to the next-generation with a full stable of goods, the Chicago-based publisher today announced that the game formerly known as Unreal Tournament 2007 is now Unreal Tournament 3. And it's coming to the PC, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 in the second half of 2007.

    Using the Unreal Engine 3 (what other engine would it really use?), Epic's seminal first-person shooter will douse gamers with gorgeous, life-like graphics, arm them with unbelievable futuristic and brutal weaponry, and hurl them into online deathmatches like never before.

    Run and gun (and swear like a sailor) like never before in UT3.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramasetter357 View Post
    looks nice, this is the game that will KILL that shitty gears of war
    Way to go with the whole fanboy talk. Gears of War uses the same engine Unreal Tournament 3 will use. :P This one will just be tweaked a bit more. But it will in no way "kill" Gears of War.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SupraGaz View Post
    I had a 360 for a couple of days with Pro Evo, Gears of War and Tom Clancy: Vegas. (Bought it off a mate for a guy at work) so thought it'd be rude not to test it while it was in my possesion Spent about an hour on Gears of War and thought it was really good. It was the first time I'd ever held a xbox controller and really liked the triggers undeneath. Pro Evo looked amazing (as most PES' do) but didnt get chance to try Vegas.

    When my PS3 arrives (anyday now) with Resistance, MotorStorm and THPS: Project 8 if I dont reckon its worth the 450 I'll sell it and buy a 360 for less than half the price of the PS3 untill the PS3 gets some mega titles.

    After watching some clips of UT'07 I think I maybe keeping it

    It does look very nice. Unfortunately I had to offload the 360 to my mate today. Look forward to seeing how the PS3 compares to the 360 now I have had a sample of it.

    How much power of the 360 does Gears of War use as I've heard people say it cant really get much better than that....?

    Well, we don't know how much power it uses or if it can get any better as the system has been around for too long. Everyone thought the Xbox had such butter graphics than the PS2 and then Metal Gear Solid 3 and Gran Turismo 4 blew everyone away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramasetter357 View Post
    FACT: GOW is using Xbox 2's peak power, PS3 will no doubt surpass it, let alone matching it
    That's great how you post a "fact" with absolutely no source to back it up.

    Fact: Microsoft's video game console that was the successor of the Xbox is called the Xbox 360, not the Xbox 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramasetter357 View Post
    FACT: GOW is using Xbox 2's peak power, PS3 will no doubt surpass it, let alone matching it
    Microsoft is going to have to create games that require two system's to play the game, just so they can keep up with the PS3 :-P LOL...j/k I don't think PS3 is much more powerful... I wouldn't exactly be surprised either way (they doing it, or PS3 being that more powerful)

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    GOW is completly a different Game. You cant compare it with UT.

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