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    Heavy Rain Receives a 226MB PlayStation 3 Patch Update

    Update: According to Examiner.com, the Heavy Rain PS3 patch update is causing more technical issues for gamers although Sony is investigating.

    To quote: "Many are complaining about game crashes, audio skipping, save/loading problems, and some characters getting caught in furniture. Not all are complaining about the game, though.

    For many, the game is running fine after the patch and they are enjoying the experience the game offers. Whether the problems are widespread or just a minor problem for some can't be determined, yet."

    Heavy Rain was released just before the weekend on February 18, 2010 in Japan and has already received a 226MB PlayStation 3 patch update.

    According to PS3Insider.de (linked above), prior to playing the game users will be prompted to download and install this PS3 patch file which reportedly fixes some lag issues.

    To quote, roughly translated: "Add to Heavy Rain, a patch has been released. The patch has a size of 226 MB.

    This struck us as we have once again brought the same test specimen. What changes or bug fixes of the patch, is unfortunately still unknown. But apparently some changes are already before release to be necessary.

    According to the patch, at least for us, a few trailers at the beginning of the game no longer occurred, but whether this really is related to the patch is uncertain."

    For those curious, Heavy Rain will arrive in North America on February 23, Europe on February 24 and Australia on February 25, 2010.

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    JFTS Guest
    A patch? This game requires 4GB install on the HDD and now you must add another 226MB. Why don't just they create a bigger Blu-ray?

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    saioke Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JFTS View Post
    A patch? This game requires 4GB install on the HDD and now you must add another 226MB. Why don't just they create a bigger Blu-ray?
    Blu-ray has nothing to do with why data must be installed in order to play the game. You see, Blu-ray discs hold quite a lot of data, But they're not as fast at reading data as it's predecessors. You must install the game to reduce stuttering, long load times, lag, etc that would otherwise be unnecessary for other brands.

    What I'm trying to say is that the PS3 is a very powerful system and most exclusive games need installations to function at best.

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    boybergamo76 Guest
    i got the game today, i live in europe and the game suffer from some kind of error, some ghost characters and voice turn off/on... and this with patch istalled!! After 4 years a game can't come out in this way... And the code for sound track and theme not work for now, gives me a error. Maybe because it's not the right day for access these things. I'm sorry for my english, i'm italian.

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