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    Heavy Rain on PlayStation Move Comes September 22, 2010

    SCEA Product Marketing Manager Jefferson Dong has announced today that Heavy Rain on PlayStation Move arrives for PS3 fans on September 22, 2010.

    Additionally, the Heavy Rain Move Edition (priced €39.99 / 29.99) will be released across PAL territories on the following dates:

    • UK, Ireland: 8th October 2010
    • Australia & New Zealand: 7th October 2010
    • Rest of PAL: 6th October 2010

    To quote: Greetings psychological thriller fans! We are extremely excited to announce that Heavy Rain will be available to play on PlayStation Move motion peripherals starting on September 22nd.

    Utilizing the extreme precision of the PlayStation Move motion controller (as well as the PlayStation Move navigation controller and the PlayStation Eye camera), players can become completely immersed in the search for the Origami Killer through controls that mimic real-world motions.

    For those of you who already have a copy of Heavy Rain, we will be releasing the Heavy Rain Move patch on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. Just boot up Heavy Rain (assuming you also have an internet connection) and it will automatically download to your PS3. This FREE patch will allow current owners of Heavy Rain to play the game with the new PlayStation Move controls and experience a whole new way of playing Heavy Rain.

    In addition, we will be releasing the Heavy Rain Move demo on the PlayStation Store during the following week on Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

    This is a completely FREE standalone demo that features two of the early levels from the game, Sleazy Place and Crime Scene, and is fully playable with the PlayStation Move (note: you will need the motion controller, the navigation controller, and the PlayStation Eye camera).

    Heavy Rain has been given a PlayStation Move makeover so expect to be drawn into the action more than ever. Now, your every move will make a difference!

    Enjoy playing Heavy Rain again with the PlayStation Move, or for the first time!

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    Rand023 Guest
    Sweet. This game looked like it was worth playing but when i tried the demo the controller was very inaccurate. Hopefully the move wand works a lot better.

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    Fignutz32 Guest
    (note: you will need the motion controller, the navigation controller, and the PlayStation Eye camera)
    Does this mean we cant use the ds3 as a navi? I was planning on just getting the motion controller since I already have this game and the cam.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I think they said that to suggest what you should play with. It's already been confirmed by multiple sources that you don't need a Nav controller. The DS3 will work just fine.

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    Jurai2 Guest
    The patch is a 1.1gb update bringing your game to version 2.00

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