SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has shared this weeks PlayStation Home content updates today, which include Heavy Pets, LucasArts, a Hudson Gate update and more!

To quote: Dolphy racing in the Hudson Gate space has proven quite popular since the space was released. We are therefore very pleased to announce that the space will be updated this week with a new course!

Does your Dolphy have the right mix of stamina, speed and agility to master the new course or will you need to spend some time retraining your racing Dolphy?

Following on from the recent opening of their own store, LucasArts are back this week with a new collection of costumes sourced from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 including Jumptrooper, General Kota, Terror Trooper and Starkiller (with Dual Lightsabres!).

Lockwood update their store inventory with a hand-held black rose, and Codeglue release a terrifying new item of furniture: a Guillotine! Alternatively, drop into the nDreams store and pick up the Black Party Robe - great for matching with their scythe!

Heavy Water release the first of their new Heavy Pets range this week, just in time for Halloween. Pick up the bell tower, tombstone or flaming brazier (or all of them in a discount bundle) from Furniture, place them in your personal space then watch as spooky creatures emerge and explore your space.

This weekend is Halloween, which is our own MusterBuster's favourite holiday (for obvious reasons!). If you aren't out partying this Halloween, why not drop into Home Square and see if you can earn a treat from our favourite pumpkin-person. Details on the forum.

We're also adding a stage to the centre of Home Square this week, surrounding the tree. Perfect place to show off your monster costumes, and perhaps mash together your own hideous dance routine with the help of friends (bonus points for incorporating well choreographed emotes and recording your dance on video!).

The folks from Adult Swim, who have been providing us with hours of Robot Chicken content for the Theatre for over a year now, have been in touch and wanted me to pass along a message from them. The full message is on the official PlayStation Home forum, however here's an excerpt:

"So, after hours of deliberation over what shade of yellow is best for our Robot Chicken Silhouette t-shirt, forging our nerd's glasses in virtual plastic and spending many, many days looking at what our items look like on electric people of varying degrees of size (don't pretend you haven't had fun with that too) we're pleased to announce that we're now selling t-shirts, tank tops and masks in the Shopping Centre".

Audi have also been dropping messages in my inbox:

"50,000 aspiring musicians later and after over 130,000 tinkles on the ivories it's time to say goodbye to the Audi Bösendorfer Piano. In one weeks time (Thursday 4th November) the piano will be leaving the Audi Home Terminal, so if you're still chasing that elusive piano for your apartment or a bit more formal wear for a night out get in there now.

Or if you fancy one last triumphant classical medley now's the time. But don't worry, there are plenty more new events and games planned before the end of the year. So watch this space for further announcements".

Finally, please note that there will be PSN maintenance Thursday afternoon and evening. PlayStation Home will be closed for part of this maintenance. Please check for details and updates on this maintenance in the PSN forum.

[imglink=|Heavy Pets, LucasArts & Hudson Gate Update in PlayStation Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|Heavy Pets, LucasArts & Hudson Gate Update in PlayStation Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|Heavy Pets, LucasArts & Hudson Gate Update in PlayStation Home][/imglink]
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