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    Registered User boogernose's Avatar
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    I was also surprised by the length of the demo. It felt like 5 minutes. I hope the full game has a nice mix of action and puzzles like God of War I/II... I think that's why I liked those games so much.

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    Doesn't work on a 1.50 PAL PS3

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    To me this game is exactly what ninja gaiden sigma is... a hack and slash or as someone already put it a button masher.

    Not my type of game at all, although I do have to say both Heavenly Swords and Ninja Gaiden's engines are great engines... too bad they were used in games I don't care to play.

    I don't recommend anyone upgrade their firmwares to download and try this. Its a 996MB download (which for some reason both this and the RE5 trailer downloaded really fast for me, like probably less then 40 min) and it just doesn't wow me that much.
    Last edited by WOWchamp; 07-27-2007 at 12:32 AM

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    1.60 pal--> not work :hitw

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    Can anybody give it a try at 1.61-1.81? If none of these doesn't work, then we should wait for the full game with RFOM trick.
    Last edited by ElectrixBreaker; 07-27-2007 at 12:51 AM

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    i sadly had to update to 1.80 first to play ninja gaiden so i risked another update to 1.90 to play heavenly sword. :-(

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    It's been playable with 1.80 on my japanese PS3^^

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    doesnt work on 1.70 us

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    1.51 using RFOM to play ninja gaiden, jsut gonna wait for this game to come out and use RFOM to play it on 1.51 as well. without playing the demo means much more anticipation for me.

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    It was a pretty short demo


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