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Thread: Has Sony Europe messed things up yet again?!

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    wicked insanity Guest

    Has Sony Europe messed things up yet again?!

    So, we got the new PS Store today... in short, it's lovely. From the little 'plinky' piano sound when it opens, to the nice fading page animations - it's a joy to navigate.

    However, while navigating is a joy, Sony Europe have made their usual hash of things - their categorization completely sucks.

    On the UK store the main categories are:

    All Games
    Game Add-Ons
    PSP Games
    Family Games
    'other' media (what?!)
    We recommend

    This is just crazy... so if you're looking for a demo, you need to either go to latest, or if it's not there, look in all games - which are sorted into sub groups by genre, not title. Also, all PSOne games are mixed in with the genres... so if you want a PSone game you need to find it in the melange of other titles... is Sony Europe bonkers?

    On the USA store:

    New Releases
    Downloadable Games
    View All by Title
    Themes and Wallpapers
    Featured Items

    These categories make perfect sense - you can find the same piece of content multiple ways, and if you go to 'downloadable games' the titles are split by platform (PS3, PSP, PS Eye, PSone Classics) and other sorting (top downloads, genre, alphabetical)...

    This is just the latest in a long line of eye-brow raising choices by Sony Europe... here we are with a wonderful new store... and they have made it ridiculous to find content. This just weeks after the GT5P debacle.

    Sorry, but I have little faith that the lights are on at SCEE.

    [imglink=|Has Sony Europe messed things up yet again?!][/imglink]

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    killergg Guest
    here in the netherlands is it also messed up.. and really really slow loading!

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    TehDash Guest
    Am I the only one for whom the images load REALLY slowly?

    In any case, I'm sure this is just teething problems. Sony will probably sort it out soon.

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    Man it's ridiculous that they woudl make the categories different. And it's not like they improved anything by doing so!

    I was happy with the store until i realised that the PAL version was so inferior to the NTSC one.

    Also, on the topic of the images, I believe it is because it loads the larger image that is displayed when navigating over an icon, the one that is shown above the description, before it loads the smaller tile image so as to have the description ready when you navigate to an icon. It all sounds silly to me though.
    Why dont they have some sort of cashe system, surely we have the HDD space for it.

    All I propose it do would be to cashe all images on the store, perhaps even a lower res version o0f them so at elast it is possible to make out what the game is i am looking at.

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