Pop Quiz: What should you do if you make a game that breaks records and sets the bar so high that it will take another entire development cycle for game-makers to catch up?

If you're Activision's marketing director David Tyler, you brag your ass off. Speaking of the enormous success of Call of Duty 4, Tyler spoke to trade magazine MCV, including some words that were probably not too well-received at EA or Ubisoft.

"We're pleased to have Call of Duty 4 leading the way in the FPS genre, with recent launches such as Army of Two and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 failing to inspire," said Tyler.

This is one of those statements you just want to sling a wet banana at, and I would if it weren't so laden with truth, that the Vatican was having it carved into the Sistine Chapel.

While I have marched a little ways into the R6V2 campaign, I can't help but cast a longing glance at my worn-out CoD 4 case. Call of Duty 4 just might have ruined shooters for me for a long time.

Is that a good thing?

I guess it might be, meaning that the gameplay experience that Infinity Ward delivered, literally shattered everything else ever made in its genre, and probably several others. At the same time, I have no doubt that, had there never been a Call of Duty 4, I might have enjoyed these newer shooters, like Rainbox Six, Army of Two, and Frontlines:FOW quite a bit more. Here we are months after the release of this impeccable title, and I still can't get away from it. I MUST PLAY CALL OF DUTY 4.

Will there ever be another shooter to top COD4? I'm sure of it, but it's going to take a while.

From what I can tell (having no clue how video games are developed) in the development time continuum, we are still in the COD4/Halo 3 era. These games that are coming out now were all in the same graduating class, so to speak. In my opinion, the projects to watch are going to be the ones that are more recently commenced, so as to possibly learn from what worked and have time to steal implement those ideas.

As far as first person shooters go, I think it's going to be a long time before we see anything in the First Person Shooter genre that tops Call of Duty 4. It could even be Call of Duty 5. What do you guys and gals see on the horizon that could be the CoD4 Killer?

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