[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3246464[/IMGW]Okay, so RockBand is official, and anyone who's anyone thinks it's a reallyfreakin' cool idea. The big question that remains is what the pricewill be, considering the three separate musical peripherals involvedin playing the game. Are we going to have another SteelBattalion -- or worse?

When listings for Rock Band and its peripherals popped up on GameStop, the wordfire on the webs spread quickly.GameStop had the prices listed as such:
Rock Band [Game] -- $59.99

Rock Band Guitar -- $59.99

Rock Band Wireless Guitar -- $79.99

Rock Band Drum Set -- $79.99

Rock Band Microphone -- $39.99

Let's assume for a second that you don't have Guitar Hero2 for the Xbox 360 (or that you're buying the PS3 version of RockBand). If this pricing were accurate, that would mean that buying thegame and every peripheral for its full four-player mode (including twoguitars), you would end up paying out a total of over $300 with tax --and that's assuming you're not dying for wireless guitars. Ouch. Somuch rock, but so much money...

Thankfully, someone had the smarts to point out the pricing on Rock Band's official forums. An employee from thecompany quickly responded with the official line:

"Let me nip this one in the bud right now. Those areestimated prices and not official in any even remote way. We haven'teven decided on prices ultimately, much less announcedthem."

We can breathe freely for now. In all honesty, we can't expect thepricing to be much cheaper in the end, but that's just the nature ofperipheral-based games. We should know more in the near future as RockBand marches steadily towards its expected pre-holiday '07 releasedate.

Thanks to 1UP.com for sharing the news with us!