November 12, 2006 - A special surprise was waiting for purchasers of the PlayStation 3 on launch day at select retailers. From Software and Sega representatives were on hand to distribute a limited edition demo disc for Armored Core 4 and Enchant Arms, From's first two PS3 titles.

We were at first expecting a Blu-ray disc containing video footage, which would be perfect for testing the Blu-ray playback of the PS3 (without parting with 5,000 yen for one of the 10 Blu-ray discs now available at Japanese retail). When we found out that the disc was an actual PlayStation 3 compatible Blu-ray ROM, we were ecstatic, expecting playable demos. This would instantly make the PS3, and its 5 launch titles (at least two of which should've never been released) 10 times more worthy.

[SIZE=-2]From Software employees hand out demo discs at launch[/SIZE]

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